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[001] First ever AI icon! I don't think I'll get tired of seeing these three together XD Where are the threesome/twosome picspams?

[002] While I won't be watching the new Ryan Reynolds/Sandra Bullock movie, the promo video/skit for it was rather funny XD

[003] Am on season 6 of The Next Generation though I've taken a break to watch old Bollywood movies, in particular Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar which makes me all ♥ I think that's the reason I'm a sucker for sports!movies/anime/manga etc.

[004] Top 10 Overlooked Shows from the 90s - dude, Sliders! And forgot about First Wave haha. Though I never realised that Space: Above and Beyond inspired Battlestar Galactica's reinvention - but it makes sense in a way.

[005] You can get all 3 GuildWar games/campaigns for the price of one - GoGamer is selling the GuildWars Trilogy for $33 and considering that you never have to pay subscription fees with Guild Wars \o/ Not to mention GW's graphics are just beautiful :3

[006] Awesome Doctor Who fanart of the cast by questionstar! You can see the initial sketch over here too.

[007] Yes, totally slipped under the radar for the past week but RL got busy :/
Like I said, ADORABLE. I'd steal that icon since it's got my favourites in it. I saw some animated ones of Kris & Adam somewhere.
I have a feeling, a few years down the line, people are going to still use the photo since it represents the best of the season :3 Feel free to gank ♥ Why is everyone gay, married or underage though D: Bah, a sibling!trifecta is just as cool MWHAHAHA
It's kinda sad that one's married, one's (supposedly) gay and the other's pedobait. *sighs*

If there are gen fics on their sibling-like relationship, I'd read it.
Seems people are more focused on the Kris/Adam picspam stuff. Definitely need Kris/Adam/Allison picspam as they are an adorable trio. <3