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Technically, I don't really ship Kris/Adam but rather Kradison (Adam/Kris/Allison) but...my mind gave me AU!Kradam.

Had an extremely short dream where they're all muddy and they go for a shower - its not a gym but...more of a private men' club? And they're in their late 20s and have been friends for a long time (and from the looks and tension something more) I could tell they were just waiting for the showers to empty out before boinking but...

then they started arguing. ARGUING.

Only in my mind could I have Kris and Adam, naked, with shampoo in their hair and frickin' arguing.

Next thing I know, I'm seeing their parents at some business!hotel talking about buy outs and shares and D: Brain, GO BACK, DAMNIT.

And then I was dreaming of me and my dad in India and we were catching a rickshaw


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