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Bra shopping XD

Ignore the brand names, lol

Pick a bra (or two XD)

The Perfect One: fits without gaps? Sounds too good to be true but...
Second Skin Satin: I just really like the style ^^
Panache Atlantis T-Shirt Water Bra: I hate regular foam push ups and the way they squeeze the breasts together. This has won awards and might be worth a try
Barely There Women's Comfortable Curves Underwire Bra: the underwire is hidden and looks almost wire-free...

Pick a convertible/multiway bra (or two XD)

Audrey Convertible Bra: the only strapless bra I have is about 6 years old and needs replacing
Ipex: Ipex seems like it might give better support though...
Bio Fit: a more custom fit based on cup size? IDK.
100 way Bra: rarely get a multiway bra though, so this is the most versatile?
Yes, have been totally MIA - though hardly anything seems to be happening on the fandom front ^^ Need to go and read Demon's Lexicon now XD
I don't like the Ipex bras, or any of the ones you have there really. I suggest the dream angels and the classic body by victoria, but it may be called vs cotton now, they have it in the stores for sure.
They have a new Body Bare but the Ipex is on there 'cause its a multiway ^^ I think I've worn body before but wasn't too fond of the fit in the end. Angel has lace I think and I'm looking for seamless. I kinda shied away from VS Cotton 'cause I wasn't sure if it has any padding to prevent nipple show through...
Love your icon, btw.

The ipex bras I have make my boobs look like bullets. I get a little nipple show through, but when I'm cold it doesn't matter, for me at least, how much internal padding stuff there is. I always show through. :-( The lace is invisible under all of my clothes, but my major concerns for bras are placement and back strain and both the dream angels and the body help with all of those areas.
Do NOT get the 100-Way bra. *worked at VS during the launch* It was our most returned bra. They're not terribly durable and they properly fit very few women. (I'm a HUGE fan of the biofit.)
(Sorry to butt in on the post) How does the biofit work with big boobs? I'm on the lookout for something strapless to wear with a formal dress, but everything I've found is really uncomfortable, since I apparently have a freakishly undersized ribcage or something (I usually wear either a 34D or 32DD).
Biofit is definitely not strapless and not made to be. It's great for larger cup-sizes. I'd say try it on. If not that, try the Ipex line.
I only voted for the IPEX (wireless version) - they're so comfortable and supportive! I never wear underwires any more, even though the wireless ones are always expensive. BTW I'm a B cup so YMMV.
The poll says it all - the first and third normal bra look the comfiest to me, especially since I am large chested and need better support.

I use a strapless bra myself for a lot of tops and I find like support is the most important. The 100wya bra though looks really awesome!
Go get fitted for a bra at a lingerie shop where they measure you and everything.

It will change your life. Most women are wearing the wrong size. I was off by 4 inches in the band, (too big) and 3 cups (too small).
I do sizings every year - I used to be 36B and then last year I became a 38B though in some cases for certain brands the 36C has a better fit. But yeah, I tend to check my bra size often XD
So many people don't. I can't stop now that I do. But I've got extreme boobage. (Natural 38H. OMG), so any bra I love would not be for you.

My friend who is your size swears by Va Bien and Fantasie of England brand bras.

Have a lovely day!