Goss (gossymer) wrote,

*waves sheepishly*

You know you haven't been posting on LJ enough when your sister says you haven't updated XD

I admit RL and impromptu shopping research (what started out with bras went on to swimdresses and now I'm looking for a cheap mirror) has pulled me away and the few moments I'm online, its usually on TWOP's AI boards or hell, ontd_ai

And now, instead of saving up for a Con in the fall, I'm thinking of buying two tickets for the 2009 Idol tour (either Dallas or one of the neighbouring states on that weekend) and dragging my sis - since I don't know anyone else who'd be interested since I usually RUN AWAY from bandom and not towards stuff like that. But the attraction of Kradison cannot be denied *_* I just want to cheer my heart out for Allison :3 Hopefully this will all blow over soon though...

And anyway, the flist has been slow for the summer. What have y'all been up to? How are all the lurkers this very fine weekend?

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