Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Summer Shopping!

My sis and I are going to a waterpark for Independence Day weekend, which timed in well with my purchase of a new swim suit haha XD

I also came to the decision that it would be better to spend money on spices to keep me interested in cooking...rather than giving into cravings and heading out to restaurants which lead to $$$ in just a few visits.

And while I'm working out and trying to lose weight, bras are pretty much the only thing I can splurge right now :( I think the last time I bought a shirt was back in Jan or Feb >_>

New stuff:

  • Swimdress (♥) - it totally hides my tummy, hips and thighs and is super flattering on the figure :D

  • Bras - while I returned several, I got some really great ones:

    • Panache Atlantis T-Shirt Water Bra: AWESOME. Its a bit weighty compared to regular bras but I'm barely a B cup and since I'm pear shaped with a tummy, the added cup size makes me look thinner/better proportioned :D

    • Barely There Women's Comfortable Curves Underwire Bra - the lightest bra I now own that also happent to be seamless. It has some nipple coverage too :) SUPER COMFY!

    • Two Fredericks of Hollywood bras - Removable Padding Plunge Bra and Reversable Plunge Bra - the padding isn't as much as the Water Bra above, but it being remavable means...more options when traveling! The reversable is also pretty neat too :) Basically, there was a sale offer and I wanted the awesome removable pads bra >_>.

      Both my new padded bras DON'T squeeze my boobs together like most padded bras seem to do. It's weird how all the regular padded bras are push-ups...when I *don't* want that spilled over style at all - those always look like I'm wearing a bra that's too small and some feel like frickin' chest plates.

    • Victoria's Secret: The Perfect One: very comfy and smooth and the ONLY full coverage bra I have XD I have a lot of low necked blouses (due to small boobs) so I tend to stick to demi coverage and plunge bras.

    • Le Mystere Shameless Strapless Bra - comes with straps so its also a multiway too! I got it off of ebay for $20 which is less that half the cost of Victoria Secret's multiway bras...and it fits just as well for me :)

    • Playtex Secrets Side-Smoothing Plunge Bra - bought it during a Kohl's sale a week or two before...which started the bra search.

    • One Fabulous Fit Tailored Demi Bra (old bra) - my sister bought this for me a few months ago and it was my first 38B bra. The good thing is even if I lose weight and return to a 36B, I just have to wear my bras on the first instead of last hooks :D

  • Spices - it all started with a search for Zaatar to use in olive oil bread dip. Long story short, I now have 25 or so small 1oz-3oz bags of spices coming my way:
    I'll split the spices into 2 portions, one for me and one for my sister. Will also get some cheap wire racks from TheContainerStore. I don't need large quantities of the spices - just variety to keep cooking interesting. And this way, my sis and I can get familiar with new and interesting spices in our cooking too :)

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