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Allison and Kris interviewing each other XD

Fangirl!Allison being interviewed by Kris FTW.


Have lost count of the number of times I watched this since its comedic gold and so awkward and so good (the last line, "I know.") and its on the same level as the "YEAH, CAPES!" bit by Kris a while ago.

(( And I admit, I like to more than the Kradam interview XD ))

And there's also the Kris Allen hates losers one and then Allison not realising the camera is on and going "Hey loser, I'm talking to you!" when Matt keeps ignoring her during his interview with Anoop, AND THEN SEEING THE CAMERA, LOL
LMAO ALLISON! That's just adorable and really funny. She's like an overexcited kid when she keeps pestering Matt about Disneyland and then the look on her face when she sees the camera.
I'm betting she's always like that normally - esp since her expression was all "Oh god, oh crap" when she saw the camera and before that she was totally focussed on her shoes or pants or something and just going all "hey, loser" LOLOLOL

She was tugging at her pants leg, I think. I just love the way she called Matt, "Hey, loser" without any qualms at all. It was funny how the two guys teased her back, specially with Matt pitching his voice like hers.
I noticed Matt's smle totally disappeared when she said it initially and I think he didn't like her saying it on camera, but then when they realised she hadn't been aware of the filming, they totally teased her XD XD But yeah, from 0:42 onwards was HYSTERICAL LOLOL