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Apologies for the sudden disappearance

Its been several weeks since my last post and it all comes down to computer problems and RL stuff.

On the RL front I ended up on two roadtrip last month, the first from Austin TX to NJ and the second from Portsmouth, NH to Austin. The second roadtrip was with my sister and was a NIGHTMARE, in that our car broke down at midnight and my sis drove through stormy weather for hours and omg, it was *such* a bonding experience but I never want to repeat it.

Also, classes began and I'm feeling totally wiped out - but I wanted to take the time today to drop y'all a note.

My laptop keyboard has konked off- I downloaded a virtual keyboard to let me type with a mouse but even logging into accounts takes forever. So I've become an all round lurker @ LJ since replying is pretty much impossible.

The only two things that I've kept up with are my rec list and the H/D directory, both of which are getting some massive updates.

Oh and on a side note, I've been:

accepted by takenote_icons
rejected by good_snicons
eliminated in drwho_lims
competing in jensen_lims
Past icon entries for the LIMS:


I also got my top three picks on pickmybest:


That's about it for now- though I'm trying to decide on whether to put up a meme that I thought up in the shower...


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