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Rant + commish

It's becoming a bit of a pet peeve that people assume that Toph has gotta be buff and stocky as an adult and anything else is just wrong.

Especially considering the creators decided to make the character appear exactly the opposite instead. GRR, ARGH.

I swear some people have gotta be thinking of this and this when they think of Toph and have completely forgotten that Toph has worn formal wear on more than one occasion, and while she may be...vertically challenged, it's not like she's never going to grow a bit taller since, hello, she's frickin' 12 yrs old in the cartoon.

I'm constantly surprised by how many artists automatically draw her as an adult with big muscles, big boobs and at the same height as she was as a kid *headdesks*

Then there's the wank just from Toph wearing anything other than green, despite the fact that there have been occassions where she's worn red, beige, tan etc. in canon, particularly when travelling. And god forbid the character actually get a different hairstyle when she's a dozen years older *facepalms*

I think the HP fandom (among others) has definitely spoiled me for creativity/originality >_> The fanart may not always be gorgeous, but they at least don't have the characters doing the exact same thing in every single picture.

Don't get me wrong, I was ecstatic when Ninjatic did Zuko and Toph fire/earth bending. However, I'd rather not have every Toph!commish with her doing that over and over again.

So it may not be readily apparent that its Toph - 'cause she's not breaking rocks like in all the other fanworks, but, come on, fanart IMO is about, I don't know, using your imagination maybe.

*pulls hair*

Moving on, here are two Toph commish pieces - there third one is still in the works, but figured I'd post these two in the mean time:

This one is by pokefreak and the concept was grown up Toph in casual/travelling wear, relaxing in a tea shop:

The second one is a collab by Janaschi (who I've ALWAYS wanted a commish from) and Algenpfleger and it focusses on adult!Toph in more formal wear (maybe at a formal function while travelling around) but with the top layer of clothing removed since she's taking a break and her feet are in the water:

Here's a close up of her face:
I wouldn't even say Toph is vertically challenged. She is only 12 after all. And yeah I don't see her growing up all buff. Despite being a tomboy she is a pretty cute girl.
Despite being a tomboy she is a pretty cute girl.

Exactly ^^ Need to stay clear of DeviantART 'cause comments there usually have me all annoyed >_>

I can't help comparing fanart of Aang all tall and well matched with Katara and comparing it to the others of Toph where she never really grew UP, just, buff.
Yes yes yes. I never actually considered Toph short: she's just a 12 years old girl who hasn't gone through puberty yet. The first pic is very close to how I imagine she'd look older, although the 2nd one is oh wow, beautiful.
Yeah, the first pic is very much in-character and is keeping with Toph in the show though the second is one of those moments where she gets to go to a big event and dresses up. Painting also gives a very different feel from cellshading I think and makes it a bigger departure from the standard look and feel of the cartoon :)
i dont watch avatar but i really love pokefreak's reindition

also, you are someone with REALLY good tastes in commissions
Pokefreak does painting too, but I figured the cellshading option would mean I could get more details in the pic <3 And he's just fantastic with outfit!design - he captured exactly what I wanted :3

♥ Probably won't be getting anymore commish work done till maybe next summer/fall but I don't mind 'cause despite the $$, it's really been worth it. Jana falls under the category of dream!commission *_*

Also got Allison Iraheta pics done which I should post up sometime ^^
When I saw that second one pop up in my DA watch list, I was just stunned *_* b/c it's BEAUTIFUL. It's now my canon image of grown up Toph :3
I'm totally over the moon with them, 'cause Poke's version is casual Toph kicking ass, while Jana & Hanes version is the formal!Toph we get to see once in a while :D Now if onyl there were fabulous Toph!fics to read while looking at them *sigh*
Lol, the rant at the top was mostly directed at narrow minded fans on DeviantART ^^ Glad you like 'em :3
Saw these on avatar_fans and faved them over on dA. Both are incredibly gorgeous!

I don't understand why people want to make Toph buff. First off, it's possible to be rather feminine and dare I say delicate looking and still be muscle-y and strong. I think they hit a great balance in the show because although you can tell she's pretty much all muscle, she still looks like a little girl. Seriously, what's so great about making her all buff and macho looking 10 years down the pike? Personally I think the idea of a lovely, smallish blind woman kicking ass is just as amusing as the little blind girl we saw in the show. :D

I don't know if I even made sense!

But you know, half Toph's size is always going to be her mouth. (I guess people think loud people are automatically giants. :P)
I think I choked on my spit at the linked image where she's all Hulk-like. Dude.

She's quite adorable. Despite her boyish mannerism, I think she's the type who'd also enjoy girly stuff. She's only 12 so she's got room to grow taller and I can see her looking like in the first fanart. (It's really a cute fanart of her).

The second fanart is really Final Fantasy-esque, specially on the armbands and the obi around her waist.
(I'll admit, this is a hugely, hugely necrobump comment, but I was browsing commissions, so shoot me, because you seem to wind up with the best Toko stuff around)

Anyway, as to why people like to make Toph somewhat buff and short in canon is, I think, linked to a lot of the Earth Kingdom stereotypes and being like one's element, etc; the Earth Kingdom girls are (generally speaking) more curvaceous and shorter than the other nations' women seem to be (looking at, as an example, Song and Jin, both of whom are short and, while slim, aren't quite as slim as Katara or Mai or, god forbid, Azula). I guess it's intended as in keeping with the old Mainland Chinese ideal woman?

Anyway, with regards to Toph, I think it's a tendency to lean towards that body type, with her love of rocking the social boat and a strong affinity with earth -- which most westerners take as bulky, sturdy, etc. -- resulting in the buff, short stereotype artists project for her.

I think it's actually a fairly positive trend, minus the big boobs thing; you don't see much of short, somewhat-muscled women portrayed in a positive light.

(... right. Necrobump over. D: )
The thing is, the writers while initially intending Toph to be a boy more in keeping with the trope, ended up subverting it by having a girl who while not physically embodying the ideals of the Earth Nation, does it instead in spirit - she *is* the greatest earth bender ever without even needing to be buff and toned - she still can out-punch the whole Gaang even without a sixpack or an overly developed body - the subversion is why its so awesome and buffing her up negates that.

Of course this is all my own opinion so take it with a grain of salt if you will ^^
Nono, this is a fun discussion, not offended and/or miffed at all, so no grain of salt needed!

I'm thinking of, for example, the musculature we see in 'The Runaway' (since her Fire Nation outfit shows it off a bit more); she has fairly defined lower arms in her spat with Katara, as an example.

I agree that the inversion of the buff earth guy trope is pretty awesome (and they lampoon it well in Ember Island Players); I just also enjoy the concept that a girl doesn't have to be dainty and forever-childlike a la mahou shoujo (which is a growing Thing, it seems) and, well, completely opposite to the *work* it takes to put into muscle...

... if, of course, that makes sense?