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Piano covers of anime songs *_*

I got distracted by piano covers of old favorite anime songs which led to me hunting around on youtube for links - some really do sound rather great:

Didn't think I'd enjoy them so much XD Though I should look for covers via guitars, violins et all too >_>
Boys Be, Boys Be, Boys Be... I didn't think anyone ever watched this anime. ;A;

Don't I wish I could just rip those piano pieces.

There's quite a few piano versions of Diamond Crevasse and even one of Lion out there. Go check those out, bb!
Watched BB in high school and Hatsukoi Gentei from Spring reminded me of it XD

There should be a youtube flv ripper on firfox extensions ^^

Will check 'em out! There's so much good stuff - I just searched for "anime piano version" nd most of it tended to be Bleach and Naruto lolol
I went through a crazy phase of looking for piano pieces for anime/game few months back.

Here's Lion. I can't remember if this is the same person who played Don't Be Late & Diamond Crevasse in piano or not. But he/she's got loads other gorgeous piano pieces of anime/games. :D
Those are amazing, especially Uninstall. :)

Have you heard Revolutionary Girl Utena's Sunlit Garden? This version is amazing.
Oooh, that's a lovely piece! I only had one song of Utena on my computer in high school come to think of it...probably need to see if I can find it XD
If you can't find it, try looking around here: Rose and Release. It's got every song in the Utena OSTs with descriptions.

I'm a huge fan of Utena, so I'll be biased. :D
I don't know why it never occurred to me to search for piano covers of anime songs. Especially because whenever I hear the original songs I'm always thinking, "even though I have no clue what they're saying, I love the music and it would be great to hear a piano cover". They sound so pretty!

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Yeah, piano covers have a timeless quality too, since sometimes voices and guitar riffs can get rather grating/high after a while - and these make me wanna add more ringtones to my mobile (still have Rolling Star and Fukai Mori as the main songs on it XD)
These are amazing, I love the naruto ones especially! They sound really nice with the piano instead, I wonder if theres a way to get a cleaner version. Thanks for the links.
I listened to the InuYasha Piano Covers. They're beautiful! Thanks for posting them. :D
XD aren't covers amazing to go through? :X I have a hard time listening to piano music, since my ear is pretty unforgiving. I kind of like string quartet covers a lot more, but they're pretty hard to come by. :(

D: yay for studio ghibli: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rPdn63yvmM
Kimi ni todoke op

this guy ears the op and puts it on piano