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Other summer commissions :D

Decided to post the other art gotten for the summer! The Toph!art posted before had backgrounds et all but these were more for autograph signings etc.

In any case, they make me all \o/ It helps that they're pretty darn amazing, lol. Do check out the artists' LJs/DA pages too!

  • Art by 90009: Duo Maxwell -- Gundam Wing // Headshot // Colored

    Initially, I'd wanted him smiling, but intense!Duo has a charm of his own:

  • Art by monster242 @ DevART: Allison Iraheta // Detailed B/W sketch

    Allison saw this one and her jaw dropped XD She'd already gone through a large bit of the crowd so she didn't really focus on what she was signing initially but then she did and she was all whoa

  • Art by halcyonjazz: Allison Iraheta // Colored

  • Art by lillym0n: Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen & Adam Lambert // Colored

    Had all the Idols sign this one and each one of them ended up pausing to just stare for a moment XD Allison's words: "That's sick man" Totally awed HAHAHA

  • Art by glockgal: Nathan & Hoover -- Greenstone Grail // drawble!piece // Colored

    glockgal totally captured Nathan and I admit to having impure thoughts - he just looks so yummy and chocolatey and :F

  • Art by 90009: Inuyasha // Headshot // Colored

    If this has you as *_* as me, you might want to check out the artist's brand new website over HERE. Her art is seriously stunning.

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