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TV Tropes & To Watch List...

So for the first time ever, I discovered the TV Tropes website and am in LOVE

Certain pages like Took a Level in Badass and the Evil Overlord list (which includes LINKS to various tropes mentioned, OMG) I haven't even finished and somehow for each page I read, I end up clicking on about three links which means...there are about 50 pages I still need to read >_>

And who knew that the whole trope of Wake up, Go To School, Save the World was invented with the Amazing Spiderman comics?

Some tropes that had me laughing:

Love At First Sight: Example: Wall-E falls in love with Eve the first time he sees her. Possibly justified in that Eve is the first living thing he's seen other than cockroaches.

Murder The Hypotenuse: Strange Example: Thanos cursed Deadpool with immortality. The catch? Thanos's love interest, Death, is herself in love with Deadpool and the feeling is mutual. By keeping Deadpool alive indefinitely, he won't be able to cockblock Thanos.

Anyway, this lead to me realising I'm a complete Spoiler Hound and also that the TV Tropes site is a great way to find stuff to watch/read - here's my list at the moment:

  • Kare Kano: halfway through...

  • Eyeshield 21: Hiruma ♥ Finished just under 2 dozen eps

  • Princess Mononoke: the Big Bad in it was rather cool and I haven't watched it since high school ^^

  • GANTZ (manga): when it comes to violence and dark themes, this is kinda my limit. I liked seeing Kei's growth...

  • Rurouni Kenshin (manga): so damn fabulous.

  • Gravitation: saw this in my early high scool years and barely remember anything

  • Wallflower: the heroine is so much fun XD

  • Darker than black: the action and plot made me all \o/

  • Baccano!: weird + awesome and violent XD

  • Black Cat: SUPAH shooter skillz - more interested in this than Trigun...

  • Howls Moving Castle: barely remember the interaction between the main couple

  • Slam Dunk: only way I watch basketball, lol

  • Whistle: never realised how awful the lead's voice is D:

  • Fruits basket (anime): KYO ♥ It's kinda sappy but... :D

  • The Twelve Kingdoms: epic!fantasy world

  • Mushishi: it puts you in such a unique mood..

  • Ayashi No Ceres: another high school anime (though this one as way depressing)

  • Peach Girl: pure teenage soap opera drama >_>

Need to pick up again and catchup/finish...
  • K-On: its fun (at least the first 2 episodes >_>)

  • Card Captor Sakura: only a few episodes left!

  • Inuyasha: rewatching from the start but finished less than a dozen eps so far :(

  • Hitman Reborn: Tsuna's voice grates on my nerves this time around...

  • Pandora Hearts: maybe I should wait till its done...

  • Read or Die: unique action girl anime

  • Noir: unique super-soldierish!action girl anime

  • One Piece: fallen way behind and I wanna see how high Luffy's bounty has reached XD

  • Soul Eater: never get around to it *headdesk*

  • Black Blood Brothers: planned to marathon but never did...

  • Black Lagoon: same here

  • D Gray Man: KANDA! ALLEN!

  • Sengoku Basara: never gave it a chance really

  • Fate/Stay Night: wonder how it ends...

  • Samurai Deeper Kyo: kinda lost some steam after some eps...

  • Yu Yu Hakusho: same here

  • Fushigi Yuugi: ditto

  • Ultimate X-Men: last read it in high school...

  • fruits basket (manga): never got around to it after the anime...

  • Monster: if I can watch Dexter (twice) I can surely finish this...

  • Fairytale (manga): more likely to pick this up again than Bleach, TBH

  • Serial Experiments Lain: sort of n the mood for the weirdness of it (finally)

  • Flame Of Recca: I never finish more than an ep or two everytime I triied it*headdesk*

  • Gintama: can't remember what it was about >_>

Need to try...
  • Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce: read the first book ages back...

  • Witches Incorporated by Karen Miller: the first book was fun :)

  • Allison to Lillan: read the blurb, wanted to try

  • Tears to Tiara: kinda dismissed the first ep initially >_>

  • Bamboo Blade: sports!anime focussing on kendo *_*

  • World Within: such few new dramas of interest *sigh*

  • Dear Boys: wonder how different it is from Slam Dunk

  • Sandman: never get around to it

  • Mahou Sensei Negima: supposedly its actually kinda shounen?

  • Samurai Champloo: never gave it a fair chance

  • Eroica: same here

  • Castle in the Sky: always wanted to try it but never got around to it...

  • Vinland Saga: Same here

  • Guyver: freaky but oddly just a bit interesting...

  • Be Kind Rewind: might have moments of awesome...

  • Kim posible: one of the few western cartoons I've been interested in checking out...

Need to look up...
  • Fa Bles

  • Godzilla vs. Bambi

  • Genshiken

  • Welcome To The NHK

  • Tin Princess by Philip Pullman

  • Zot!

  • Catch 22

One Piece- I'm up to around Ch. 116, but there's like... 430+ chapters after that. >_>

Mahou Sensei Negima- it gets shounen past the first few volumes. I keep thinking about picking it back up, since I haven't read anything since around Ch. 120.

Serial Experiment Lain is good, even if the ending is a bit sad.

I've been thinking about reading up on 'Blade of the Immortal,' 'No Need for Tenchi,' 'Neon Genesis Evangelion (manga),' and picking back up on 'XXXHolic'.
I keep meaning to get back to reading Kare Kano but I've kind of been all about Bleach recently. And I completely forgot about Kim Possible! I loved that cartoon.
Heh, got distracted from typing the rec of Samurai Champloo to check flist and what I see? Do give it a try. I found it very amusing and soothing, despite the bloodshed and all :D I hope to finish by tomorrow.

Dear Boys is sort of horrid but maybe it's the Slam Dunk elitist in me speaking that no other basketball anime can ever come close to it.

Seriously, good luck in finishing Fushigi Yuugi. Until today, I have no idea how I made it through the entire thing without beating my head on the wall due to the 'Miaka!' 'Tamahome!' thing.

Or- or you can just wait for the Fairytail anime instead. ^o^
Pandora Hearts has gotten a lot better in the last few episodes. Or maybe that's just my fascination with Gil taking over. He's easily become my favorite character. I'm hoping the anime will get a second season.

You might want to wait on Sengoku Basara. That's definitely getting a second season.

Personally, I wouldn't bother with Tears to Tiara. I watched a bunch of episodes, and it got very boring. It's not terribly original, and it paled compared to other shows that came out at the same time. I'd watch Requiem for the Phantom, Guin Saga or Valkyria Chronicles, instead. Or Genshiken. That was a fun series. ^_^