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Did not expect that...

So, finally got around to seeing the Twilight movie, and while Kirsten Stewart actually made Bella bearable to an extent, Robert Pattinson was excrutiatingly painful to watch D: And this is with me watching it as a crack!movie >_>

Comparitively the 5 second moment in the New moon trailer where Jacob strips and transforms, was rather fun :) Though that might just be the special effects, lol. The line about mouthwatering!Bella almost made me miss it MWHAHAHAHA
Bella was definitely more bearable in the movie than she is in any of the books. Unfortunately, Jacobs 'ferocious' looking werewolf made me want to pat its fuzzy fur than anything.
Seeing him made inner!me all "oooh, come here little doggie, come here, there's a good boy!" *facepalms*
R.Pattz is awful. I cannot stand him. His acting in that movie was obviously painful. Contrastingly, I think that you are right about Stewart, she brought a vapid, lifeless character into a slightly less flat, vapid, and lifeless character.
I don't know, I thought both Kristen Stewart and RPattz were rather flat, though that might have been because of the characters. Bella had all of what, like four facial expressions during the entire movie?

And yes, Jacob is a very cute little doggie.
Hm, actually, I couldn't stand her! He was pretty bad in the first part where he was still 'fighting with himself' but her...she was bad all the way XD Always looking like she just came back from jogging :P
Hello there. First, I just wanted to let you know that I just added you as a friend. I did read your profile first, and since I can't ever keep my mouth shut and am likely to comment occasionally on your posts, I decided I should introduce myself so you don't think I'm a crazy person. So yea *waves*.

Now that that is out of the way...Robert Pattinson as Edward has got to be the most amusing thing I have ever seen. He has completley mastered the pained expression! Unfortunately, that seems to be the only expression he can now manage! Still love it though haha.