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Yay, bulletsies!

[001] halcyonjazz posted a comic here and it totally made my day. If you've been feeling down or just want the warm 'n fuzzy feeling, its worth it :3

[002] Started watching the kdrama Style, and its seriously fab.

[003] I think I was dying my hair brown every 6-8 weeks since last year, and decided to dye it blue black this month. I'd forgotten how black makes the face so much brighter \o/

[004] Have been catching up on DevART and my favorites collections have expanded - I'd make a rec post of pretty art and stuff but in this case, there is just SO MUCH SHINY so am just linking them :D

[005] In regards to new shows, have been watching Drop Dead Diva on a week to week basis - its fun, and while sometimes its borderline cheesy, it still has its moments ♥

[006] I was talking to my sis about this before and it seems like all I need is a sad moment in a show/anime/movie with an appropriate emo!song, and tears start streaming down my face.

It never used to happen when I was younger, but then, I also used to have cat fights with my sis that involved hair pulling (on her part) and clawing (on my part). I guess the trade-off for growing out of that means sniffling through every scene with a sad song. I'd like to say that's a good thing but...>_>

[007] Always wondered: who else hates their eyebrows? Mine are the width of my fingers (HUGE) and need to be waxed ever 2-3 weeks. If I ever decide to go for one of those laser hair removal treatments advertised on the radio, there's no question what would be first. GRR. ARGH. Not to mention, waxing facial hair is infinitely more painful than even the bikini line ;_; Surely there have to be others with similar situations.

[008] Anyone have any favorite recipes for slowcookers? I got a small one and I'll be focussing on vegetarian dishes starting from next month (with fish thrown in towards the end)
Ooh I should start watching kdramas. There are some that I've heard of, but I've never gotten into any of them. (I tried studying Korean a couple years ago and failed miserably.)

I wish I could go and dye my hair black again. Yeah, the upside is that it brightens your face. The downside is you can't get it out or dye over it unless you use bleach. :/ That's the only reason I won't do it now. My hair was black for like four years. You should do some color streaks or something! :D

I too hate my eyebrows. I never wax them though. So they look awful. I just tweeze.

I've got Coffee Prince on GB which is definitely worth watching <3 Initially I'd wanted to learn japanese thanks to all the anime I watch but since I started watching kdramas, I've just thrown in the towel and decided to rely on subs. And anyway, after a whle, you automatically understand the commonly used words :D

There are some dyes specifically meant for dyeing black hair (I guess they use extra bleach or something) I got streaks in March I think and they grew out pretty well (since I left the top layer one color and so that hid any changes :D)

However, once I re-dyed my hair in May/June, the streaks had different colors in different sections and I figured it was time to go all black :)

Did threading back in asia and tweezing every few days at home, but now since I don't wanna waste time, I go to the salon for quicky!waxing \o/ There are very few places that do threading here :(

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Ugh, I HATE my eyebrows! They're so .. thick. And before I shaved I use to have a unibrow (it ran in the damn family, can you believe that?! my brother and dad have it). Ugh, thank god I'm a girl and I DO something about that kind of thing. T_T I wish they were thinner though, I keep thinking they're all EYEBROWS! LOOK AT ME! STARE! GO ON, DO IT! >
HI! *tackles glomps* HOLY FISH STICKS, YOU'RE ALIVE!

I dyed my hair brown a couple weeks ago. It was a DIY job so the colour didn't really turn out unless I stand under direct sunlight. Bah. Now I'm waiting for the three months to be up to redo it again. This time, I'm going for reddish-brown. :)

I think I started plucking my eyebrows when I was like 13 or 14 and so I don't even know what my 'grown out' eyebrows would look like now. But thicker eyebrows are all the trend these days! Consider yourself hip to the trend! XD I want to grow mine out one of these days, just to see the difference. ;D

OMG I used laser on my facial hair and it was lovely. Well no - it was painful as all-out, but the result was lovely. Now I just use bleach for the baby hairs - I like having some peach fuzz on my face, which is why waxing never worked for me, hmm hmm.

SLOWCOOKERS ARE THE BOMB. I don't have any recipes but the beauty of slowcookers are that they're not really needed! I just throw in a bunch of basics - lentils, other veggies on hand, some other tinned beans on hand, broth, herbs, garlic, a bit of oil, salt and pepper and let that cook overnight and in the morning it turns into something MAGICAL. Oh, they're also good for making chili, mmmmmmmmmmm. XD

Yay gonna go look at all the pretty DA art now!
I've been following a few Kdramas recently (He Who Can't Marry is one I'm sticking to) -- will add Style to the to-watch list!

I've been watching Drop Dead Diva too! I agree it can be kind of cheesy but I still really like it.

Drop Dead Diva
I'm fat, and reading the show's rough outline, I couldn't help but think that it would be offensive to overweight individuals. Having watched a few episodes yourself, what do you think? You mentioned liking it, so I'm assuming you find it in no way offensive?
That comic was so touching *sniff*...reminds me of the time I painted a water color of the little mermaid it's a really good one and you cant really say it was painted by a kid....*sigh* what happened to that talented kid!!

I'm streaking my hair these days, but going back to black definitely makes the features stand out. And you forgot to mention....everything's more SHINY :P

Absolutely love DDD - cheesiness and all! There's not enough of us plus size people in constructive roles on TV

And I love the laser too - got rid of my beard...I am not exaggerating there \O/

As for the recipes, you might want to be careful with the those that involve beans...rather unpleasant side effects.