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Which of these characters/ships click with you:

Skip Beat: Kyoko/Ren
Nodame Cantabille: Nodame/Chiaki
Natsume Yuujinchou: Natsume and his sensei Madara aka Nyanko-sensei
Totally Captivated: Mookyul/Ewon
Beck: Koyuki and his guitar (or the whole band, lol)
CardCaptor Sakura: Sakura & Syaoran
Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike!: Kiyomine/Takara
Fruits Basket: Yuki/Kyo
Note: not just romance but also general duos and BFF relationships you like!
Fruits Basket is the only thing on that list I've actually seen, so, you know, it limits me a bit. :P
Yeah, some of them are really old, others kinda newly popular and the remaining just aren't HUGE anime that everyone and their grandmas have watches XD
I've seen both Natsume and CCS but I'm not into Natsume/Madara thing. It's kinda squicky to me. Sakura/Syaoran, of course, is a definite.

Oh, canon Natsume & Madara is more of a duo than a ship for me - unless Madara suddenly got a human form like with Gurren and Masahiro in Shounen Onmyouji XD

I just like seeing Madara in his giant!form and Natsume next to him/on him - it makes me all fuzzy XD
Koyuki and his guitar! Remember all those hours (if you read the manga, you will) he spent alone in his room with his guitar, ignoring everyone and everything else... I wonder just what was going on then... LOL
If there was ever an object in need of anthromorphic personification in a crack pairing fic, it would be that guitar XD XD

Though I always remember the way Koyuki would constantly sniffle and say "Sakuuuu" hahahaha
I'm fond of all Madara&Natsume interactions. Aaah, in his proper form being all protective is awful fun.
I think I've got a thing for oblivious people/abusive relationships. O.o But AHAHAH I didn't realise there was actually a trend. But Yuki/Kyo is totally the more angsty and less BFF version of Kiyomine/Takara. And Myookyul/Ewon. XD
I think I've got a thing for oblivious people/abusive relationships.

Oh, I know you do.
Surprisingly, Yuki/Kyo is just one of those pairings I can't slash about. They're great friends, fight and argue ad infinitem, but I just can't see them in a relationship.

(Same with Ron/Harry and McCoy/Kirk, really. I guess I have a friendship kink?)
I'm laaaaame, I have no idea who any of these couples are. WHERE'S MY WRITE-IN OPTION? ;P
Having seen Natsume, I rather like them as a duo when Madara is in his cat-form. I have seen fanart of a human/demon-ish Madara with Natsume, and it reminds me more of Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha. But the fanarts are rather yummy to say the least. xDD

And even though I'm a huge yaoi fan, I never really liked Yuki/Kyo from Fruits Basket. I was more into the het pairings, honestly, despite the fact I don't really care for het unless I REALLY like the series/characters.
I don't know what's └Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike!┐ haha 8D Is it nice? *is always game to read more manga/manhwa/light novels*

And Beck... I haven't seen it either 8D

Yuki/Kyo and Syaoran/Sakura = ♥! Syaoran/Sakura has to be my oldest and most favorite het OTP haha :D

And for some really weird reason... I don't really ship Kyoko/Ren. :( I don't know why :( And with that same weird reason. I ship Sho/Kyoko. Or Ren/Sho. D: me and my weird taste :(

I like Madara&Natsume as they are? Haha, not really ship them, but more like. BFFs 4EVA? :D

What a long and rambly answer haha 8D