* nooooooo!

laptop-less till Monday

So it turns out BOTH the primary and the secondary fans in my old Toshiba laptop were near dead, with the secondary fan conking off earlier this week.

I'll get it back from repairs after the weekend and since the Acer laptop is being shipped back from the Best Buy regional service center too, should have both in hand by Monday.

I've gotten much better at browsing with my mobile and checking email on it tho.
Aw, boo. At least you'll get it back before your bday? Speaking of which, did you have any kind of drabble prompt for me? ;)
Just in time for it, yes XD

If I get to read a bit about Jack and a certain giant on the 26th, will be over the moon MWHAHAHAHA Or Eric and a certain wizard or Sam and two lovable ghouls or Lucemonster and his big pink cupcake XD XD Or a bunny!drabble that's been percolating in that brilliant brain of yours. Obviously I'm a sucker for your fics haha :3