Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Avatar commish pieces

Normally don't include the concept/story behind the pieces but here goes...

Sparring: Zuko & Toph
by *DarkKenjie

Concept: Wanted a fight between Zuko and Toph, where Zuko uses his dual blades and Toph has metal gauntlets. Left the clothing/costumes up to the artist since I was very particular about wanting to see both faces/expressions (and the pillars XD) IMO Toph wins by luring Zuko close, grabbing the swords with her gauntlets and metal-bending them into cuffs MWHAHAHA

Story behind it: This scene takes place around 4 years post series. Toph travels to Fire Nation to meet up with Iroh et all. Since Zuko is inundated with meetings, the one time they get together, Toph proposes a friendly spar as a distraction.

She promptly wipes the floor with him, saying that the Fire Lord needs to get out more since he's gotten soft XD

The spar actually serves to remind Zuko that he needs to take a break once in a while. And perhaps that there's more to life than just politics and he needs to travel beyond the palace grounds again to get back in touch with regular folk.

Toph (with Bo Staff)
by ~depingo

Concept: I wanted a older Toph in her early twenties, with a different (but believable) costume from the one in the cartoon. This was super fabulous since Depingo was super awesome about all the various requests :D

Story behind it: I figured Toph would use wear/use more metal by her twenties so the gauntlets on her arms and legs. The metal staff is a gift from Iroh (hence the dragon decorations). She uses it as a fake walking stick on occasion - pretending she really can't see ;) During battle she also metal-bends it into whatever shape she needs.

The cracks on the ground are 'cause she actually trying to see across larger terrain, and using earth-bending to do it. I imagine tiny ninja/assassins some distance away, who can't do any damage 'cause she K.Os them long before they get close, lol XD XD
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