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[001] Got my acer laptop back (whined twice before, here and here) but the weird sound when its placed anywhere other than on a table still occurs - the Best Buy PSP policy is worh JACK SQUAT 'cause you need to basically have the laptop go to the service center three times (about 9 weeks in total) for the "no lemon" policy to kick in, even though they're not sure what's the problem. So ultimately, I've yet to find a warranty that doesn't SUCK BALLS.

The toshiba will be back next week since the part from the supplier wasn't in stock *throws hands up in the air* I give up. As long as I get it back working, the repair dude can take his time.

[002] In other news I started a weight training class at the gym and I was the only girl amongst about 6 to 8 guys for the second class. The instructors goes "Guys and lady" a lot, lol. But I'm sticking with it.

My arms dragged on the steering wheel when driving back home so my body is going to be all achey tommorrow. It's expected to be 2-3 weeks of hell before the body adapts ^^ Luckily there are only two classes a week, so I guess, 6 classes and then it should be alright? IDK. As long as it tones the body, its all good.

[003] Also thinking of taking a casual art class in my free time - there's a design evening class locally that is a bit of an intro to art - I'd get to work inking brushes and with oils or acrylics I think and that would be super cool. I always regretted not taking art in high school.

[004] The Kimi ni Todoke trailer makes me all -__- carameltrap pointed it out (♥) and I really don't want to wait for it to finish airing before marathoning. Will probably try keeping up episode by episode...

[005] Speaking of marathoning, now that I've got my computer back, can continue with the anime and tv show speed watch sessions \o\o/o/ The terabyte external hardrive has only 90GB free - I have about 100GB of documentaries to go through while exercising and stuff :3

[006] halcyonjazz is doing a comic series with moonsheen and she pimped it out today on her lj - the character pics are very cool and do check out these totally NSFW pages XD Note to self: must join mineoyster asap!

[007] After seeing this recipe by rilina, I suddenly want some veggie recipes (and considering what a carnivore I am, this mood makes me all o_O)

[008] Have to agree with carameltrap - for a first single, Kris Allen's Live Like We're Dying actually made my headache worse when I heard it a day or two ago. Kinda prefer No Boundaries but neither really has me all \o/ Can't wait for Allison's first single though *so impatient*

[009] Aja-Aja has gone private and this makes me sad 'cause it was the one way I found new korean dramas to watch - it wasn't just about the links, but about the summaries and big posters too, all in one place full of Korean Drama Joy. I hope the situation is resolved soon.

[010] One bit of awesome news: athena-chan @ DA, who doesn't do commissions usually, is drawing me Harry and Draco (♥) Her Harry Potter fanart is here and her other fanart can be seen here!

[011] The reason I love the Naruto manga can be seen in this comic strip which questofdreams pointed out <3 Naruto! Sasuke! It's all about the gay guy love, most definitely XD

[012] Despite Saturday being my birthday, all I want to do is stay at home and watch stuff on my laptop - haven't gotten much time on it at ALL since Monday so *hugs it close* So much to see! Drop Dead Diva! Style! Being Erica! Glee! Cross Game! ALL THE BACKLOG OF ANIME AND SHOWS OMG.

I'll probably get talked into going out though, lol XD
Glad you're back and laptop laden! ♥!!! (this is Aut, btw. I changed my eljay name yesterday). :D:D:D

You need to catch the new Being Erica, too! It was a surprisingly good episode. LOVE YOU!!
<3 <3 But I have to call you CORN? That totally doesn't work 'cause Corn=young!Ren from Skip Beat >_> But you can be mouse XD

OMG *wants* maybe I'll dl it so if I have time, I can just clik play later...
LOL! You can still call me Aut, yo. I just changed it so my new friends (and old?) didn't think Autumn LeCroix was my real name.

Oooh, any thoughts on ComicCon '10 yet?!?!?!?!
I have a small birthday present for you, btw. :) Not entirely the one you want, yet, but yes. Pressie. ♥
EEEEEEEEEE \o/ You're too good to me &heart; ♥ Especially considering how much stuff you've got going O_O
Welcome back! Has been very quiet without you around. *glomps*

Love the comic! Gay Guy Love indeed. Denial is not a river in Egypt, boys. Just admit your love.

Isn't the trailer gorgeous? I went all *___* when I saw it. Did you see the Kobato trailer? It's out as well. Madhouse looks like they did a smashing job on it, though we'll see how long the quality lasts. Have you watched Tokyo Magnitude 8.0? It's such a brilliant and yet understated anime.

I felt a bit bad for saying I didn't like the song but I've listened to it a few times and I still can't like it. It's not remotely catchy and it lacks that something to make it awesome. It's like one of those background music you hear at supermarket. I know I'm going to get shot for saying that. *hides* Can't wait for Lambert and Allison's singles.
Summer and RL dragged a lot of peeps away me think XD

I think Kishimoto is aware of the slashtastic nature of the relationship and should perhaps end the anime sort of vague in that regard *lives in hope*

Haven't seen any new trailers except that one! Oh man, need to watch so much *_* If Tokyo Magnitude is all done, then definitely marathoning it - heard so much squee in general so can't wait to try it!

I want it to do well despite my lack of utter love for it ('cause I still love Kris, lol) There's a lot of hype in the industry about Lambert's Strut so I'm desperate to hear it. I just want a date set for Allison's single so I don't give wondering every day about it ^^
Happy birthday-on-Saturday (I may not be on then so I say it now)! Want a drabble?
Thank you! And haha you shouldn't ask since I was pretty much...*points to icon* XD
LOL, watch my journal for your bday present. I blame you and Rykaine for this. :p
It's just turned the 26th here, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY GIRL ♥ ♥ ♥ May your day be filled with cake and awesome!
♥♥ Thank youuuu :3 It's morning in Dubai (birth city) so technically while its still the 25th over here, I've turned 23 already XD
*counts time zones*

I shouldn't be too late, right? Happy birthday! ♥♥♥ May you have an awesome year ahead~!♪

ROFL at that SasuNaru comic ♥
Happy birthday, hon! Hope it's a fun and lovely one :)

Wish you lots of interesting things to watch and read, and lots of warm and friendly people around!

[hope I didn't miscalculate. Time zones aren't my forte]