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Friday I'll Be Over U

Thanks so much guys for all the birthday wishes over the past weekend 7hearts; - right now I'm at home with the flu but should be good to go by tom *lives in hope*

In the meantime, Allison's first single will be over on on Monday \o/ If you want to hear a 20 second preview you can call 323-982-8897 in the USA or listen to rips like THIS on youtube this one on MU. It's got a definite pop/punk vibe and it'll be good for exercising to and just bopping the head XD XD I really hope it will be available on the local radio stations soon *_*
Oh, I'm excited for this! It sounds good from that not-good quality I listened to. Definitely better than a certain someone's single which I still don't like until now.
After listening to it for the umpteenth time, I do recognize a certain 80's vibe to it too <3 WHY ISN'T IT MONDAY YEEEEET D: