Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Allison's debut single!

Friday I'll Be Over You
(2 minute preview)

Full song on YouTube

Jive probably had radio airplay in mind for the first single and while Allison mentions ballads and dance music will be on the album, everything will have a bit of rock in it too. Not sure if that means there'll be any hardcore rock songs but, there's always the sophmore album to look forward to XD Considering that Allison has the least media buzz, definitely feel that need to get her on the radio

It's super catchy, but also doesn't auto-tune Allison's voice \o/ The chorus has a very 80's synch-pop vibe and I have it playing on repeat now and rather than getting sick of it after the 20th time, I just want to get up and DANCE DANCE DANCE XD

TBH I'm most looking forward to a good solid ballad, since Allison's voice does wonders with those.

Anyway I can't wait to buy the single, WOOT!!

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