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New Additions to Oldies Rec List

[Untitled] by lucilla_darkate
Post Hogwarts & Post War - It was often said in the business that there wasn’t anything Draco Malfoy wouldn’t do...for the right price

Affairs of Dragons, The by legomymalfoy

All Apologies by 1ightning
Much to his chagrin, Draco decides that it is simply not worth the bother of starting to hate Harry again.

Another Beautiful Day by janicechess
The months following the end of the war are perfect for Draco until Harry comes along, demanding to know the truth about how Voldemort died. Draco would rather not tell, but Harry is very persistent. They eventually come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Bad Acts by madsciencechick
The sign on the door says DRACO MALFOY, THINGS FOUND, and Draco endeavors to deliver. But when Harry Potter and his ex-wife come seeking Draco's services, Draco ends up in the middle of a muddle not even he could have divined.

Baseball Slash: The Pre-Game by mijan
Harry gets drunk on Fenway Park beer. Draco gets into a fight with Red Sox fans. Voldemort plays shortstop for the Yankees. Fun is had by all. Except Draco.

Before Peace by furiosity
Wherein Draco takes a trip to Hogwarts and the department of backstory, Harry sleeps through almost everything, Pansy is a Mean Girl, and the Sorting Ceremony is rudely interrupted.

Better Things by SilentAuror

Body And Soul by Halrloprillalar
It's time to go.

Coming Clean by fourth_rose
Harry has issues. Draco is surprisingly determined, devious as ever, and rather good at getting what he wants

Complications by rurounihime
Blaise needs a beer.

Chosen Again by Petula Pillwimple (anon)
Request: Harry/Draco please. I'd like to read a story in which Harry and Draco are both Quidditch players on rival teams. Both are starting out as new seekers. In air collisions and sexy touching in the air a plus! I'd like a slow build as they meet at various training camps, etc. At least one explicit sex scene please. Please do not write in first person or present tense.

Damaged by Maayan
Voldemort has won the war. All those who opposed him are either in hiding or sold as slaves, including Harry Potter. Draco is not the only one disappointed or disillusioned with this outcome, but the return of a lost relative promises to change everything

Days Go By by corvidae9
After a grievous miscommunication that leads to five years apart, Harry has difficulty keeping his life together in the face of Draco's revenge tactics. The fact that he manages to succeed only makes Draco more intent.

Dead on Arrival by indigo_kitti
My name is Draco Malfoy, I died precisely one year ago today.

Disclosure by lovely_slyth

Frightened Look of Love, The by lucilla_darkate
"He has that sort of shy, frightened look of someone who loves far too much and knows it."–pir8fancier

Gay Aurors by charlottesometimes
Draco Malfoy mysteriously returns to London a badass and is partnered up with a very grumpy and very gay Harry Potter.

Hair by poor_medea

House Colours by sarka
Prompt/Request: I will infinitely love anyone who can pull off a good Slytherin!Harry/Gryffindor!Draco. Honestly. Kinks include: possessiveness, jealousy, ties, and secrecy.

In Hot Water by fiona_fawkes
Whomever was responsible for scheduling the Biannual Hogwarts Alumni Quidditch match in August was going to get their face hexed off - just as soon as Draco Malfoy could muster up the energy to find his wand.

Jeunesse Dorée by furiosity
The trouble with Draco was that he didn't talk like normal people. Everything was a riddle.

Immaculate Deception by indigo_kitti
Draco tries to live his life the way he'd like, but pesky Lucius keeps getting in the way. Now, with the help of a choice few Gryffindors, he attempts the near-impossible in relationship staging. Will his plan succeed or flop like improperly treated hair?

Keeper by kabeyk
AU. Non-magical boarding school, lots of fighting and football and mud and scabby knees. And rum and dope and smoking behind the bike sheds and sex in the showers.

Kiss Me With Fire by lucilla_darkate
They know each other, heart and soul, but still it changes nothing.

Loft, The by UnlistedPiety
Above a flower shop in New York, is a newly rented loft. Draco Malfoy doesn’t want to get married, and Harry Potter is running from his past. Will love spurn from hate? Or will Harry’s problems ruin them both.

Lush Life by pir8fancier
Draco Malfoy has just had his fortieth birthday, is currently editor of a soft porn gay men’s magazine published in the U.S., is the author of a no-holds-barred tell all of his life as a former rentboy, and is perfectly happy. Uh, not really perfectly happy, because we wouldn’t have much of a story, now would we? Enter one Harry Potter.

Lubricity by the ruby moth
Harry's fantasy-life is jaded and wanking is better with proper lube, not an elementary spell. In his attempt to find an answer to both problems, he discovers it in Draco Malfoy of all people.

Match Made in Heaven (or Possibly the Other Place), A by indigo_kitti
One day, everyone in Hogwarts similtaniously decided to court Harry. Draco was not happy.

Moving Up by indigo_kitti
Harry is straight and likes to chase skirt. Well, he likes the skirt chasing part, at least.

Of Discussions and Repercussions by Coffeejunkii
Harry and Draco have worked together for a long time and yet, still can't manage to relate to one another without unrelenting snark, if no longer malice. When Draco discovers touchy information about Harry's personal life, it's open season.

parallel lives by snottygrrl
Draco never believed he'd be glad to see Potter. post-war.

Prodigal Son by agnes_bean
How far can you let one relationship break another? War and post-Hogwarts eras.

Proxy, or What Happens to Harry when He Listens to Fred and George by Hazel Hawthorne
Summary: Being forced to work with Draco after the war is driving Harry crazy. Fred and George know just what he needs. Is he crazy enough to take their advice?

Reading Between the Lines by chanond
Notes: The absolutely brilliant companion fic and remix of Lettered by pir8fancier

Reprise by coffeejunkii
Life moves in circles.

Revelations by corvidae9
Harry knows how he survived the last battle... working out why and what comes next is a different story entirely.

Revenant, The by furiosity
There's no mystery to Anton Becket. He's come to England in search of a different life, and a life is what he finds, but is it his?

Show-Off by chanond
The request: Getting it on at the seaside, and attempting not to let anyone notice. Ice lollies! Sun-cream! Annoying brats running past at bad times!

Shower Sex for Beginners by 1ightning

Sin For Me (Alpha Watch) by furiosity
Harry never expected the peace to last forever. Dumbledore taught him better than that. He just didn't expect the next war to begin less than a month after Voldemort died. Never would he have dreamed that it would be a man's personal war against a system. The wizarding world was that system, and Harry was that man.

Sine qua non by dragon_charmer

Single Wizard Seeking Same by jennavere
Lovelorn Draco has been secretly pining for Harry for months. He’s finally forced into action when ex-boyfriend Blaise shows up. A gift!fic for Prof. McKitten starring an awkward, smitten Draco and a cameo by Harry’s chest monster.

Soft by calanthe_fics
How many more dark nights will Harry have to wander the corridors of Hogwarts, trying to discover where Draco spends his every spare moment? When their paths finally cross, there’s only one thing in Harry’s mind.

Somebody by owens_mom

Strolls on a Sunday by Ari Munami
Harry and Draco get together. FINALLY.

Things That Go Meow In The Night by jennavere
Draco's Animagus form is not quite what he expected.

Training by luckyrory7
The move

Unbearable Ease of Existence, The by furiosity
On the first day after the war is over, Harry goes shopping.

Under the Ivy by coffeejunkii
It is impressive how much you can learn about someone by simply sharing a few rooms. They don't spend time together, not really, but Harry still knows that Malfoy prefers raspberry jam over strawberry, that he hums along to the Wireless when he thinks no one is around, and that his leg is bothering him more than usual when the temperatures drop below freezing.

Unintended by furiosity
Every little thing between them had been unintended, accidental, fortuitous.

Yorkshire Puddings by Karina4
AU. Non-magic. After an unexpected encounter in a supermarket, Harry’s Christmas takes an interesting turn of events

Your Touch by spark-of-chaos
Touch is heaven and hell, pain and relief. Touch is deliberately caused. Or not? Can you distinguish love from hate, lust from indifference in the touch? Sometimes you don’t seem to know at all; can’t judge coincidence from intention; can’t trust yourself. You can only give in and let the fingers burn you, brand you, own you.

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I'd appreciate it if y'all could take a look, tell me if anything seems odd - and for the authors on it, if there is anything that y'all would like changed.

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