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Daily posts have become...weekly D:

[001] I've come to realise that while I can't stand freezing temperatures (ice on the ground, hail etc.) I do prefer rainy days to sunny ones. Might be 'cause any day with clouds when I was young was always a reason to celebrate - since no matter how hot and humid it gets in Dubai, the rain always goes somewhere else normally D: So now, if it weren't for having to actually drive, all these cloudy days would be perfect XD

[002] I hate when I'm on the highway (on the slow lane) and suddenly the last two lanes end up merging and there's a car going faster behind me on the lane on my left, and refuses to frickin' slow down, so to prevent crashes, I slow down to a crawl and let it pass me just as the lanes merge.

[003] Here's my Fall TV schedule (though really it's my computer!watch schedule -__-):

Watching: Being Erica, The Big Bang Theory, Drop Dead Diva, The Good Wife, Glee, Fringe, Kimi No Todoke, Darker Than Black 2, Cross Game, Nyan Koi, The Guild (web show)

Tentative/Marathon: Flashforward, Star Gate Universe, Supernatural, Fairy Tail, Merlin, Doll House, Tatakau Shisho, Letter Bee

May/may not marathon: Vampire diaries, True Blood, Sacred Blacksmith, Inuyasha,Legend of the Seeker, Lady Castle

[004] I did running on the elliptical for the first time today! Normally I just do uphill or fast walking, but thanks to the weight training class, I was able to go 12 minutes doing a slow run :D

[005] Haven't been posting very often lately - RL is crazy busy and I usually use the weekend to catch up with shows and anime. Don't even read the library books I get (which defeats the point of borrowing them in the first place but...)

[006] In case y'all were wondering, here's a list of remaining commich!pics to come over the next few months - some of the peeps I asked over the summer (yooani, alexds1, Erina, DS-Hina, Alice chan) might have time next year instead though:
  • Syaoran & Sakura (Card Captors, casual clothes and snacking) by Dark134 - rough sketch is HERE
  • Harry & Draco (at a pub/bar) by Athena-chan
  • Toph & Zuko (grown up, with a scenic landscape) by ShardGlass
  • AU!pirates Toph & Zuko (Zuko has an eye patch!) by Eiko-chan
  • Toph (casual, with color screentone patterns) by iruka-loves-kakashi
  • Kyoko/Ren (romantic, posing for an advertisement/movie poster) by Dark134
  • Rogue (X-Men Evolution-verse, waist up) by mausmouse
  • Zuko+Toph (rough sketch only, fighting poses) by angel-t

[007] While my hair is currently black, after 4 to 8 weeks I'll be coloring it using Palty's Caramel Brown (see image here). I got it off ebay and it's a japanese brand specifically for asian hair. I found translated instructions/directions on Soompi so \o\o/o/

[008] There is a Zuko/Toph forum thread called The Toko Tea Hut ♥ Best part was finding this adorable (and HILLARIOUS) fanart of young Zuko and Toph mwhahahaha XD

[009] In other news, the Zuko/Toph commish I got from Charlie Bowater got a Daily Deviation awarded on the 10th \o/ If anyone here is interested in a full size 300 dpi version for printing, just message me and I'll send you a download link - here's a close up preview of their faces <3

[010] Decided to do a local design class in my free time - would anyone be interested in seeing the results either as I go along or at the end after its all done?
The Zuko/Toph piece is so pretty!! *_*

Lady Castle the kdrama goes kinda downhill. It was repeating stuff and will be mostly likely unbearable on marathon. If you're going for trendy comedy, try 'You're Beautiful' instead.

And Merlin S2 has not measured up to expectations. (Yet.) It is still a lovely show.
Probably my fave shippy!commish TBH :D

I don't think YEH is really connection with her character in the drama, from the few previews I've seen. You're Beautiful looks like cracky!kdrama cliches XD, though there are moments in the previews where I was immediately reminded of Coffee Prince >_>

Since Style ended I haven't really found an interesting new drama to follow on Aja-Aja though I do have a few historical kdramas I've been meaning to marathon for a while. Have you seen Emperor of the Sea? The ending doesn't look great but at 51 episodes, I don't mind just watching the first half of the series...
I hate inconsiderate drivers who think they're flying down the highway. Those overtaking without turn signals are the worse.

Kimi ni Todoke is ♥. I'm not a huge fan of shoujo and yet I am in love with it. :D

I watched a few episodes of True Blood but I ended up unable to watch it due to the fact I found it terribly lulzy.
The lack of signals scares me more than angers me 'cause I usually only notice when I have to slow down asap or crash D: D:

I watched the anime and had to immediately reread the manga since there's so much awesomeness that I can't wait for :D

True Blood, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries etc. all seem to be the latest line of shows that tend to be so trashy and cheesy that they're addictive anyway. Still, I can only marathon TB and VD and GG makes me run away screaming even with Chuck and Blair. It's easier to just watch these shows with 10 - 20 episodes in one go XD
Malaysian drivers are the worse lot.

I'll read the manga after the anime. I don't want to read it at the same time as the airing. More anticipation for me.

Actually, I find myself having very low tolerance for trashy and cheesy lately. I think I outgrew the period where I used to sit and watch those type of shows when I was younger.
I really like Drop Dead Diva. I remember seeing the previews before it aired and not expecting much, but I'm glad I was wrong about that.

I've been watching Vampire Diaries and I'm still not sure what I think about it.

Also, I would totally be interested in seeing the results of your design class as you go along!
Yeah sometimes it can be pretty borderline cheesy but it really does work more often than not. If it gets to a sophmore season, they might iron out the kinks by then...

VD - the main couple bores me to deah but the blond chick and the older brother surprisingly had me hooked IDEK why.

Yay! Got th idea from your updates whch I love to see but probably wouldn't do scanning/photographs if no one were interested since its a 2D class and nothing is done on the computer, but rather, traditional media (it reminds me how sucky I am with pencils, pens etc.)
I've recently marathon Merlin and I'm glad I did. If you like that show, you might also enjoy The Legend of the Seeker. I also recommend Being Human (BBC). It's only 6 episodes and the new season starts Jan. 2010. I'm currently watching Fringe (luv) and Vampire Diaries. So far, I'm up in the air about VD.
I'm one of the minority in that I don't really watch Merlin for the slash, but rather Morganna. Before I began fangirling Katie though, preferred LotS to Merlin TBH. But haven't watched LotS in ages ^^ Being Human is awesome, and I like it almost as much as Beautiful People but both shows should be way way longer >_>

VD is definitely iffy - the main couple is insanely vanilla and apart from the older brother and the blond, I didn't really warm up to any of the characters...
I didn't know about the slash in Merlin when I first started watching. I'm more into the women of the show. Gwen and Morganna rock.
I watched the first episode of Kimi No Todoke and really liked it. I hope the rest of the anime is as cute/funny as the first episode!
KnT and DtB2 have me all spazzy and since I keep forgetting when they air, I check everyday for releases *facepalm* Need to probably make a time schedule of shows and anime...