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One Piece, Sashimi and randomness...

[001] Finally finished catching up with One Piece (both the anime and manga). It was harder this time since RL is kicking my ass and there are 420+ episodes ;_; But it was also more fun in a way since I was familiar with the type of humor and it was much easier to just...enjoy and laugh.

I think I also have an OT3 now. I adore it whenever we see Luffy and Sanji, and especially when they're with Zoro. Oh and seeing Whitebeard and Luffy interact in the manga had me all \o\o/o/ Talk about hilarious! There are so many funny moments that I just can't help grinning maniacally thinking about them MWHAHAHA

[002] When did the icon limit on LJ reach 199? I totally missed it but finally filled all the slots - new icons include one from Hajime no Ippo, Oofuri, Avatar and SUSHI!!!

[003] When it comes to sashimi I love me some albacore white tuna to go with my regular salmon order. But recently I've fallen in love with escolar and mackerel. Growing up I disliked mackerel 'cause of the intense spices and oil used to fry it in home cooking. Now however, eating it as sashimi just reminds me of home and its strong flavor is a nice difference from the other faves.

[004] Are there any websites that let you create time schedules? I'm actually just want to make one for animes and dramas so I know when to start looking for subs and stuff.

[005] If you enjoy looking at slashy art of absolute awesomeness do check out 90009's work. No matter how many pics I see, her art always makes me go *_*

[006] Allison Iraheta has been filiming her music video for Friday, I'll Be Over You and I'm just so impatient for it to get released - yes, hopeless fangirl, I know.

[007] On the asian drama side, the only new show I want to try at the moment is IRIS but I'm waiting until subs for the first two episodes come out. Heard a lot of good things about it but I'm trying not to get too excited just yet.

[008] freece updated Captive Prince \o/ Even though I swore off from WIPs, there are some authors (like aggybird <3) whose fic links I just have to click. Torture? Yes, but of the best kind :3
With the time schedules things I think Google Calender that you can access through your gmail is pretty good.
Will check it out :D Was hoping for something that might look shiny and I could print and put up XD
I don't know if I'm ever going to catch up on One Piece. I'm only on around ch. 116 in the manga. >_> Too little time, and too much school work to do. And Star Trek. xP

I love Luffy/Zoro, hehe. Zoro/Sanji is quite interesting too. Never really thought of the OT3 for some reason, haha.