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Oh my childhood...

I never realised what a throwback the 2008 Spectacular Spider-Man's opening is to 80s and 90s cartoons. The show itself reminds me a lot of what I loved about the old cartoons I watched growing up too.

Was actually looking up old themesongs and hereare some that either made me go \o/ or laugh hysterically or...both XD
    YouTube vids of the opening themesongs:

  • Prince Valiant (1991): best theme song ever - just a fab song with a great mood.

  • Johnny Quest (1996): hearing this song would make me run to the TV and it still makes me wanna look up old episodes even now.

  • Robotech (1985): if not for this show growing up, I'd probably never have gone hunting for anime online, back in high school.

  • Carmen Sandiego (1994): the song randomly pops up in my head now and then XD

  • Jem & the Holograms (1985): my sister loathed this song 'cause it meant it was time for school and i'd always tune in way early in the morning for it XD

  • Batman (1992): the show and the theme song, along with Batman Returns pretty much defined the franchise for me

  • Thundercats (1985): was laughing and facepalming through it but this was a big part of my childhood. I fangirled Cheetara so much!

  • Teenage Mutanat Hero Turtles (1987): another big part of my youth. My sister and I adored Donatello and today I can't help thinking of the slashy fanart I pointed a while back.


  • Bionic six (1987): my sis and I had one episode recorded on a tape and watched it multiple times, wishing there was more.

  • Chip n Dale (1989): the chorus is crazy catchy but I don't remember the actual show at all

  • Mummies Alive (1997): saw this in my early teens and found it kinda fun XD

  • X-Men Evolution (2000): it fed my obsession with Rogue very well come to think of it...

  • Batman Beyond (2000): After Avatar: The Last Airbender and Spectacular Spider-man, this show and Johnny Quest would probably be my favorite cartoons.
And while I don't remember the Rainbow Brite (1984) opening itself since I was so young, I do remember the tune that played when she made the rainbow and the tune that plays when she's riding the rainbow.

What shows/themesongs make y'all go ♥?
Now why didn't I ever get to see that with Looney Toons and Tom & Jerry? Looks so much more fun :D
The Original Power Rangers opening. That was totally my thing back in 2nd and 3rd grade.

Besides that- old nicktoon show openings like Rugrats, Doug, Rocko's Modern Life, etc. Also the 1st opening for Pokemon, and Digimon (even though these last too started up when I was junior high.)
Never had Nickelodean growing up so most of those shows never played on the tellie - onyl had Star Plus, Cartoon Network etc >_> I remember seeing posters for Power Ranger and Rugrats though :D :D
I had the Rainbow Brite theme song stuck in my head today for some random reason. Also, I looove old-school cartoons - especially the ones from the early-mid 90's such as Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, PInky and the Brain, Tail Spin, Darkwing Duck, Bonkers, etc. :-s Oh Disney and WBs, how you had my little adolescent heart in the palms of your hands....
Dexter's Lab was one of the 90s shows that was soooo addictive XD And Tail Spin almost made the list! Never did get to see Darkwing Duck or Animaniacs though D: Didn't see much of Tiny Toons but...Space Jam stuck, IDEK why XD
- (Anonymous)
Oh man Ducktales <3 I hear the name and automatically go "Woohoo!!" That should have been on the list XD
The My Little Pony and Punky Brewster (the cartoon) themes. I sometimes break out into 'My little pony, my little poooony~!' when the mood gets me and then I get strange looks.

Oh! There's also the Scooby Doo theme song, not the new ones but the old one where I remember before the song he found Scrappy by the rail yard.

It's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, bb. :p
I remember Gummi Bears and Chip n Dale! But mostly I watched Nick - Rugrats, Doug, Hey Arnold, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, etc. I was OBSESSED with the Power Rangers and then Pokemon later on. x)

Also, icon love! The Secret Garden is probably the best movie of all time, haha. I have the soundtrack on my ipod.
Yay! Another person who remembers 'Are You Afraid of the Dark'! Sorry for just pipping in here, but you don't find many people who remember the show (let alone like it). xDD
Are You Afraid of the Dark was awesome! Sooooo much better than Goosebumps. There is one episode that still scares me to this day - the one about the red gross skeleton monster that lives in the school pool. *eyes drain warily*
Oh this post! ♥♥♥♥ Most of my childhood is ALL OVER this post (and the comments)!

The only thing that's missing is He-Man and She-Ra! xDD

And I seriously had a horrible thing for the show 'Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates'. I SKIPPED SCHOOL so I could watch the last episode of the series finale (I think it was like in 3 parts, and I'd had 2 of the 3 days off from school and stayed home 'sick' so I could watch it). xDD
Oh childhood how I miss you *sigh*

I totaly loved the Bionic 6 I think I watched every episode that they showed *G* I always was into powers gg Also the Gummi Bears and Rainbow bride still are just so cute that whenever I stumble over an episode on tv I stay stuck *G* Sadly I also bouce with the gummy theme while other people are watching. You probably wont know it but damn thats a sad sight *G*
Good memory. No way would I be able to list all the stuff I watched as a kid. Or even just my favorites. :/

Chip n' Dale! It's the opposite for me. I remember the show, but not the theme song. Which... HOW COULD I FORGET WHEN IT'S SO AWESOME. I remember being crazy about Mummies Alive, but TMNT and Mighty Max I only watched sporadically.

Other than that, I loved Ducktales (watched it at the same time as Chip n' Dale) and Superbook (hahaha my main source of biblical knowledge). Plus there was the anime. Pokemon, Digimon, Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, Monster Rancher... but that came later.
P.S. Much love for the Prince Valiant theme. *_* [gets full version and puts on a loop with the Chip n' Dale and Ducktales themes]
Oh man, wasn't Terry McGuiness the hottest animated character? Never failed to be hot in any episode.

Well, one that I always lament that most people don't know of is Samurai Pizza Cats. It had this ridiculously catching opening. That and Freakazoid.

I totally agree about Johnny Quest. Super cool, along with Carmen Sandiego.

Besides these, there was one that I personally never saw aired, but it was recorded when my siblings were younger. Saber Riders? Anyone? The design was really hilariously cool. Even now I'll still think it was hilariously awesome. it has some bad sound quality, but opening is still pretty badass.