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Poll time again XD

So, imagine there's a picture with boys from various shounen anime having fun and just chillin' in a bar. Who'd be in it:

Poll #1475563 Boys at the Bar

Pick boys (multiple are fine XD)

Naruto, Sasuke [Naruto]
Luffy, Sanji, Zoro [One Piece]
Allen, Kanda & Lavi [D.Gray-Man]
Heero, Duo [Gundam Wing]
Death the Kid, Black Star [Soul Eater]
Ichigo, Renji, Hitsugaya [Bleach]
Edward, Al, Roy [FullMetal Alchemist]
Hiruma, Sena, Kurita [Eyeshield 21]
Gokudera, Yamamoto, Tsuna [Hitman Reborn]
Natsume, Sensei [Natsume Yuujinchou]
Watanuki, Dōmeki [XXXholic]

I was *this* close to throwing in Zuko, Sokka, Iroh and Aang from Avatar and Death from Discworld etc. but figured I should draw the line *somewhere* and stick to just shounen anime XD If you have any other suggestions, holler!

Also, got any ideas of who would be chilling/drinking/laughing/fighting with whom? Thinking about it, I'd have:
  • Sanji cooking while Watanuki could maybe be mixing cocktails at the bar and Heero, Sena and Lavi would be serving drinks and food (Sena is fast with orders, Heero is surprisingly good with the super dangerous people and Lavi cheers up the depressed ones XD)

  • Duo, Ed and Hitsugaya could bond over their height while sitting at the bar (LOL).

  • Kurita would be fanboying Al showing him the basics of football with tiny figurines at a table at the back

  • Sasuke, Zoro, Kanda, Renji and Ichigo would be drinking and comparing swords.

  • Luffy and Naruto would be eating a mountain of food (mainly meat ramen hahaha).

  • Roy, Domeki, Hiruma and Allen would be playing a card game with piles of money on their table XD XD

Aww man, this would be the multi-fandom dream commish but...will probably take a year or two for it to come into existence (most artists not having time and me needing to save up >_>)
Luffy and Naruto would be eating a mountain of food (mainly meat ramen hahaha).

Allen would totally join in on this too, y'know. He's the bottomless pit of bottomless pits. The three of them could even have a ramen eating contest! Man, these would all make awesome fanarts. ^_^
I couldn't decide between he poker and food but figured it would be awesome to see the peeps who do so well at gambling (particularly Allen annd Hiruma) facing off XD Naruto & Luffy I can easily see being BFFs for LIFE MWHAHAHA
Abe is currently trying to drag Mihashi from the kitchen XD The poor thing would be terrified of some of the peeps there mwhahaha

Though I wonder how Tsuna, Sena and Mihashi would interact XD

I decided Black Star would probably 'cause a brawl by challenging Naruto so probably not going to have him in it for now >_>
Naruto, Ed and Duo would be sitting together while Sasuke, Roy and Heero would be sitting together. Both groups would be complaining about their respective boyfriends. ^_^
Oh man, that would make for an awesome fic or sequel art piece - just seeing those chaacters bonding over relationshp would have me in heaven

And Luffy and Naruto are totally alike where they'll go rescue friends even if it means they have to beat those friends up to get them to come back XD
When I think 'bar', my mind drifts to the Gensomaden Saiyuki quartet....