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Adventures in hair dye

So back in the summer, I dyed my hair back to blue black which faded to black by September.

Well, I ended up getting the Palty Caramel hair dye on ebay which I intend to use in the last week of November. That package is still in the mail, but in the meantime I dyed my hair with the Nice and Easy Truffle Brown.

Unfortunately, due to the black hair dye still in it, only the roots got colored which was rather weird to say the least.

So after googling a bit, I zipped over to HEB, got the ColorOops and suddenly my hair is a rich auburn brown!

It's great to know that no bleach was involved this time nor is there dye in my hair anymore :D So if I were to bleach my virgin hair in future, I could probably get to this color again :D

Will need to check it out in the morning to make sure its not too brassy or with asian orange highlights but \o/
That's cool that you could find something to remove hair color. I'll have to remember that product, in case I ever get the wrong brown (for dying my grays).
I had always assumed the only solution was bleach (which would mean visiting a salon before christmas) so this had me all \o\o/o/ Now no clashes between old hair dye and the Palty one :D
Oooh I didn't know that product existed! lol yay!

And the reason I've always been reticent about dying my hair lighter is b/c of that 'asian orange highlights' look that sets in LOL oh god @_@
Had seen it but never really thought to try it out until I googled about getting rid of black hair dye ^^

I've heard ash tones work well against the orange/reds though after using the Palty dye, if its too red, I'll probably finally go to the salon to get some blue toner applied to neutralize the copper/brassy tones :D
Being a hairstylist...this post pains me :P If you ever need advice on what to use let me know. And the effect of the light roots and dark ends is called hot roots, old hair color is always there until it grows out :)
Lol, drugsore hair dyes are harsh on the hair but at the moment the only alternative would be not dying it at all (salons too expensive) I was worried I'd have to get my hair bleached at the salon to get rid of the black for Christmas though, so now I'm all \o/ since its all gone and the Palty hairdye won't be going over it :D

Edit: Though I'll most likely head to the salon before the hols to neutralise some of the orangey red highlights ^^ Not sure if its blue or violet toner that's needed ^^

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