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[001] So, 48 hours after using ColorOops, my hair has darkened to a yummy chocolate tone (due to color molecules expanding or something? IDK)

Rather than heading to the salon, I decided to get the Nexus Color Toning Shampoo, which will cut through the brassiness/orangey highlights (that appear in sunlight). If it works well, I might pass it along to my sister to try out too haha XD

[002] In other news, THIS is the most awesome shirt I now own. I'm a T-shirt girl, in that button-up shirts always bunch up in weird areas. But the shirt from Coldwater Creek is frickin' AMAZING - never had a better shirt!silhouette!

And the store has petite sizes for so much stuff \o/ Managed to get a few formal/fall tops and jackets two weeks ago before the winter clothing came in.

The best part: trying out the shirt in the store and dsicovering I could use the online sale code to get it right there :D Still expensive, but...never going to find another shirt that fits this well.

[003] Anyone tried ShopItToMe? I heard about it on the radio and the thought of finding out about sales in time to actually get the good deals makes me flail - but the irony is that, apart from shoes and a dress for my mom, I've just finished all my formal/winter wear shopping *facepalm*

[004] There are two weddings as well as the usual family parties in December, so I need to buy gold sandals that work with the outfits I got already. I just got a pair of black sandals with block heels for general outings and semi-formal stuff. If they don't fit well, (and feel waaay too high) I'll return them, but finding block heel sandals locally is nigh impossible.

Anyway, I hunted for gold sandals with heels under 3 inches and narrowed it down to these six:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Before buying one of those, over the next week I'll check Nordstroms, Dillards and Macy's....but I'm really not a shoe!girl D:

Does anyone know any stores where I could get gold sandals with around 2 or 2 1/2 inch heels? I need them criss-crossy/strappy since my feet are wide and those are the most comfy. My sis loves shopping for bags and shoes but this makes me wanna run away screaming *wince*

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