Goss (gossymer) wrote,

omg, shoes!

I've bought shoes and *crosses fingers* hopefully they'll work out. I figured I'd get my top two/three options and keep the one that fits best. AM DONE WITH SHOE SHOPPING, YAAAAAY!!
  • Black heel sandals for black pants!ensembles : 1 | 2

  • Gladiator sandals for driving/semi casual stuff (thanks to questofdreams pointing out DSW.com XD):
    bronze | tan | gold

  • Gold heel sandals for the dresses : 1 | 2
If neither of the gold sandals work, will try out the Naturalizer Prissy locally at Dillards/Macys

Since I have brown sneakers and slippers and black flat sandals that I wear, this will bring my total shoe count to...SIX!

Yes, totally not a shoe!girl >_> My old heel shoes are all worn out or kill my feel so threw them out a while back.

Holy crap I never thought I'd ever make a shoe post o_O

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