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HP commish!

Okay, am in Dubai so my internet time is down to almost nothing - not to mention the speed is .25 Mbps ;_; Thank you speedtest.net for making my net!withdrawl even more acute.

The good news is that the HP commish by Athena-chan @ DevART is all done - click for the bigger version:

I wanted Harry & Draco in a bar - not the Leaky Cauldron, but something more swanky and meant for 'business'. Wanted to capture a moment of intensity where Harry is trying to figure out what Draco is up to with his current business venture XD

Oh, and the bar was loosely based off of this 3D visualization.
Hey, BB!!! DUBAI!! My girl, you have been crazy-busy these last few months! I miss you and your posts, and have been thinking of you often. I love this commish! It's lovely. (though all of your commishes are lovely. <333!!!) Safe holidays and I hope the holidays are fun. You're going to be in a couple of weddings, right? Am I remembering that right? Anywho, if it's allowed, I would love to send you a winter card. I don't celebrate christmas, Kwanzaa, or any other "holiday", but I do celebrate my friends. Te adorado, bb!!! If it's okay, leave your dubai addy in my eljay (post screened) and I can send you some California Sunshine (though I doubt you need it over there. ♥) LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!
The comic is awesome! Harry's facial expression is perfect for the situation:)
Cute Comic
whoa! the comic is very unique and fabulous. Awesome! The suits are very elegant and fashionable. The facial expression are very natural.. Now, I know where to test my internet speed..thanks for sharing...I am here in Arizon and I think I am getting what I payed for. Keep it up!
ahh! this is a VERY random comment as i have just followed this journal for the mere hp fandom rec bit...and haven't even been on lj for months and suddenly came back just to check out the directory and read some old classics...but anyway, its really cool to know that someone in the h/d fandom is in Dubai!!

I was just there for half a year living in the JBR area and remember being annoyed with Du for blocking random webpages such as certain skyehawke stories :P and for being slow.

anyway, sorry for the digressive comment from some random person in the friends-of list.
I finally got to watch Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince this month. Miss you a lot, you know? How are ya?! Ping me when you could Baby Gail. I might get a babe kitty soon.
hello,i like reading HP although i can't read it in English. .and I like HD very much.the comic looks beautiful.XD

thanks for sharing.