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Long post is long...

[001] Holy crap, it's been nearly a month since my last post! Things have been crazy to say the least: packing stuff in Austin back in November, two weddings and christmas and basically a giant family reunion back in Dubai in December and then travelling to Vancouver (sight unseen!) earlier this month...

I went to the Metromall in Burnaby this weekend to get two sets of shoes/boots, jeans and jackets since I've been cold and wet running around here (half my wardrobe is formal wear and most of the rest is summer stuff ^^)

I find it interesting that black/brown/grey is the normal wardrobe palete here and most people at the mall wear exactly the same type of stuff: jeans/leggings, sneakers/boots, shirt and a jacket/coat. Maybe its just 'cause I'm new so I'm noticing crap I never normally pay attention to XD

Though both my new jackets are colored: one is a dusty rose and hip length (so more of a light trench coat) and the other is a darkish apple green (and water resistant). It's 'cause I almost got run over by a car two weeks ago (was wearing my standard black!clothing, it was raining and dark and the car was doing a fast left turn)

But I still like this city a lot :D I'll be heading to Richmond with some new friends next weekend and it's interesting finding out how things are done over here when compared to the states and asia. Oh and the peeps I'm living with are awesome too!

Still can't figure out the organization of Superstore though - why on earth would plastic bags be located with the pet food? I'm forever asking employees for guidance >_>

Anyway, happy belated new year guys!

[002] On a completely different note, fandomy stuff I'm looking forward to for 2010:

[003] I cleared out my comm memberships and posting access(from 270 comms, its now down to 165) and also the community flist public filters: Icons | Media | Music -much easier to go through the comms now :D

[004] Thanks to freece's request for m/m recs in her latest post, I have a list of fics to check out - not sure where to start though so if y'all liked any of these listed bellow, would love to know!

[005] Earlier this week though, I was on a Naruto!fanfic high, thanks to this reclist by questofdreams - forgot how much I adore seeing Naruto and Sasuke together *hearts* Still have more fics to go through...but not enough time ;_;

[006] If y'all are used to getting your drama fix from Aja-Aja, it's worth checking am-addiction's forums for shows now that AA is closed.

[007] Random stuff I've enjoyed these past few weeks: The Breaker (manga), Ben 10 Alien Force, Wolf Guy (manga), Komatta Toki... (caught up with the latest scanlation), The Good Wife, One Piece (manga), Skip Beat (Manga), Final Fantasy 12 (just the video sequence of it LOLOL)

[008] Starbuck's Double Chocolaty Chip Frappacino is EVIL and addictive D: Why the heck am I going to the store more often now that I'm OUT of the states? And the thing is super!calor-ific (new word for yummy looking food that is sure to be high on the calorie count >_>) WHY IS THE SMALLEST SIZE A "TALL"??? They just skip small and medium portions entirely *facepalm*

[009] Note to self: check out the cartoon Cybersix that halcyonjazz pimped at some point.

[010] Does anyone know any good apps for backing data on the Android OS? I got the HTC Dream just two/three weeks ago but now Rogers wants me to update the software which means losing all the info I put on the mobile since then D: There's gotta be an easy way to back it all up *lives in hope*

I'm going to squeeze you so tight for liking Ben 10 Alien Force. Have you watched the movie?

I saw it on the plane to Heathrow and and had to watch the whole series the week after landing here in Canada - only got to see Alien Swarm so far (I think there were 2 movies?) but I ship the boys together like hell and I don't even know why XD
The first movie is more on the kid-version when he's still ten. I like Alien Swarm due to Kevin in it. I ship him and Gwen, tho I easily ship him with Ben as well.

And grrr, you're in Vancouver, land of where they film all those awesome TV shows like Phsyc and Supernatural.

Ben 10 Alien Force has a very strong trio rather than the usual heroes+sidekick strategy most cartoons tend to stick to - makes me super happy :D

It being winter, there isn't much to see yet but I'm hoping to get photos at the places supernatural was filmed at :3 Might not pan out but *hopes*
Happy New Year to you, too! It's good to see you. stuff I'm looking forward to for 2010 -- oh my God, ME TOO. alskdjf.


"So. Fancy meeting you here."

Teddy sucked in a long, startled breath, clenching his fist around his champagne flute. The body beside him stood an arm's length away but still managed to fill their corner of the room with his presence. It had been awhile since Teddy had last stood so close to him, and if he hadn't just been caught with his dick halfway through the most inappropriate fantasy about the man's sodding son, Teddy might even be able to appreciate the memory of that last time they'd stood so close. As it were, he had some trouble turning around.

"You weren't precisely invited, is what I mean to say, and so I can only imagine you werewolves stick together, is that it?" Draco paused, and darting his eyes to the side, Teddy saw him nod towards Bill across the room. He leaned closer. "And much as I would like to, it would be terribly rude of me to kick you out." At that, his gaze wandered in the other direction; Teddy followed it until it swept past Harry, refilling his drink at the bar.

"I hear it's best not to anger the Aurors in one's life," Teddy agreed, having finally caught his breath and become able to carry on a somewhat normal conversation. "Nor the curse breakers," he added, giving Draco a pointed look.

"Nor the werewolves," Draco shot back, the corners of his mouth turning up.

"Well, well, well," drawled Teddy, inching closer. "Not still nursing that werewolf kink of yours, I hope?" he said quietly, enjoying the way Draco turned his head away, his cheeks flushed. "Don't tell me you've had Bill, too?" he continued. "I could use some intel on that one, you know. He's a bit too squeaky clean and won't let the rest of us forget it."

"Don't be crass," murmured Draco, but his eyes had that telltale Malfoy look of both playfulness and severity. "And before you get too cocky, Mr Lupin, I suggest you keep your eyes off my son for one bloody second tonight, hm?" The playfulness disappeared as the severity hardened, and Teddy choked on his champagne.


*runs off to poke it moar*
GAH- everything about that cookie is LOVE - god, Draco will always be my first love *_* And tying the history together with Teddy's current interest in Scorp...gah :F

*madly flailing about in swivel chair* Thank you hon <3 There's gonna be so much SHINY this year :3
I was just thinking of you yesterday! *is a creeper* Basically about how long it seemed it had been since you had last posted.

I love colour so I approve of you injecting colour in your new environment :D I hope cars notice you now!

*tentatively clicks on N/S recs list*
I was talking about Cybersix with my roommate just the other day! It's freaking awesome and I highly recommend you check it out. Of course this recommendation is with the caveat that I haven't watched it in *years* and barely remember it except that it was the best thing ever.

As for that list of original fiction, I can tell you that Get Some was amazing; it's technically a fandom AU but reads like original fic if you haven't seen Generation Kill (I hadn't when I read it) so yeah. Angsty as hell, which is just the way I like it :D

And I'm pretty sure you have read Running Far Afield, because I've read it and I'm pretty certain you were the one who linked me to it in the first place *lol* but it's really good and worth re-reading.
welcome back! and thank you for showing the way to Twisted Hilarity's Original slash fiction. been craving for good originals these days, haha.. :D
Augh why did you give me that link to Breaker? I will not get anything done until I'm finished reading it, you realize...

Also Shioon is possibly my favourite thing ever. He makes the pacifist in me all warm and happy.
Crying, all these beautiful links to devour whilst exams are kicking my arse. D: D: D: At least I've read some of them but alkdl;asd temptation to click the rest so strong-- *gibbers*

Anyway glad to see you back online, sort of, and yay for having an awesome time with family etc. Eee you were at my local airport, to think you were briefly only 20 minutes away from me! :D
Oh GOD. I tripped upon some amazing original fic via delicious only to read and read and find they were WIPs. I wanted to die. Thank you for your recs (deliberately timed with my welfare in mind, I'm sure).