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Stuff I'm tracking...

Not yet spring but am clearing up my Livejournal tracking (which is my way of stalking peeps here MWHAHAHA) - decided to sort out all the journals into a few categories of interest.

Art & Comics

...by journal:
aidosaur, alexds1, ali_wildgoose, buttfacemakani, ds_hina, headtrip, luco_millian, maxdasuki, ming85, rahly_furverted, virus_ac74

...by tags:
bluestraggler's tag for: art dump
kayjkay's tag for: art
kayjkay's tag for: daily sketch
khel's tag for: art
lokabrenna's tag for: i draw'd
misterwalnut's tag for: art
questionstar's tag for: pictars
yumekutteikt's tag for: fanart- g
yumekutteikt's tag for: fanart- pg/pg13

Slash Fiction

...by journal:
maldoror_gw, pierrot_dreams, undressah

...by tags:
libby_drew's tag for: original fic
rykaine's tag for: story - panacea
skylark97's tag for: to harvest a soul
skylark97's tag for: wolves
tsaiko's tag for: original
twistedhilarity's tag for: nature's choice
tygati's tag for: kir
tygati's tag for: stories
velvet_mace's tag for: undesirable
zamorna_hg's tag for: the consort

Icons & Layouts

...by journal:
_feigenbaum_, antikku_kohiten, biconic, cartonage, collar_blind, comics_awards, cult, epicfail, fonobi, fruitstyle, hazelsparkle, hikkie_heaven, infusive, iphoenix, jamtimegraphics, khalls_stuff, last5, limbslikewire, lux_decorus, minty_peach, novaless, ratioshmatio, refutare, refuted, sanguinet, sentientxx, stolenlights, sundry_icons, thefulcrum, spire, well_of_desires, whoresque, _iconicreations, allwashedout, call_me_daisy, dallowayward, fotojournalist, gikun, gorramdoll, iconseeyou, lemonpunch, lucky_penny01, unclesalty

...by tags:
78777's tag for: icons: animanga
ad_choc's tag for: icons
crackers4jenn's tag for: icons
mediocrechick's tag for: icons
obaona's tag for: icons
reira_21's tag for: icons
retro_bomb's tag for: !icons
Posts tagged !maker: crazydd @ diamonds_style
Posts tagged comics @ noveria
Posts tagged comics: marvel @ noveria
Posts tagged icon: comic: marvel: various @ infectedframe
Posts tagged icon: comic: spiderman @ infectedframe
Posts tagged icon: comic: x-men @ infectedframe
Posts tagged icons @ dokuji_graphics
Posts tagged icons @ twofortheroad
Posts tagged poster: carameltrap @ lovestoryicon
Posts tagged type: icons @ halfjewel
Posts tagged user: audrey @ colormeter
Posts tagged zo_cat @ grarpirates

Meta, Recs & Misc

...by journal:
slashcast, chibiai, gabe_speaks, johnlevitt, lt3press, news

...by tags:
aisushi's tag for: recs: fic
azurelunatic's tag for: lj
firnheledien's tag for: food
orange_fuu's tag for: anime
orange_fuu's tag for: manga
rilina_fic's tag for: recs

Lots of love to whoever came up with the tracking button <3 <3
I found visualwit which has nice layouts. :)

Adding this to my memories so I can go to those layout comms.

ETA: visualwit, not virtualwit. Bwah, brain is not functioning.

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