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DeviantART collection guide

More winter!cleaning - this time its mainly updating my faves @ DeviantART.

Am so glad I sorted them into collections 'cause I just crossed 2600 faves today - which with 26 collections, that's an average of a hundred pictures per collection ^^

But these little online folders of pictures make me all ♥ so here are some of my thoughts behind them:

General Collections
  • Scenes : this has become one of my favorite collections. It runs the gamut from painted landscapes to crowded marketplaces. It's as much about the background as it is about the people depicted and when I look at each piece I can't help thinking about the stories that could be told with it. I imagine Natsume visting this temple, Toph sitting by this stream and Naruto on an adventure - it's the reason I love DevART really.

  • Faces & Expressions: I started this one out more for different angles and perspectives of the face as well as expressions for commish pieces. I tend to add pieces where the faces pop so much that I tend to ignore everything else in the compositions.

  • Poses & Nudes (not entirely safe for work!) : this collection was initially entitled pr0n  XD With time however, it became as much about unique poses and dynamic movement of the human body. There are also multiple pictures focussing on couples since there are some artists and photographers who are able to evoke so much emotion simply with the way the subjects' bodies interact and I can't help but feel the love.

  • Fantasy Creatures: originally this focussed on your everyday mythical dragons and unicorns et all, but has branched out to kitsune, fawns, mermaids, fairies and demi-gods. Every other piece on DeviantART seems to focus on a mythical creature but there aren't too many that make me stop and wonder about the story behind it.

  • General Fantasy: This is a blend of both interesting settings and fantasy archetypes - they usually include mythical beasts or fantastical warriors/people and the colors tend to remind me of the covers of epic fantasy novels <3 So the pieces deserved their own collection :3

  • Boys and also Girls: these were probably the two collections I started out with and now rarely find pieces to add to them since stuff can usually be placed into other categories first. However, if there's a stunning picture of a male or female, they'll usually end up in these. Have to clear some older faves into some of the newer collections though (fanart, slash etc.) >_>

  • Animals: why use LOLcats when I've got this? Yup, most of the pieces here are kittens and wild cats but there is also the occassional wolf, bird, fox and fish :)
GLBT collections
Slash | Het | Boy or Girl? Androgyny!
These three collections are less about the poses and more about the romance/relationship/people. I look at them and I end up going: "OMG, SLASH/HET!" followed by a "pretty!!!!" though in the case of the last one, I usually end up going "Wait, is that a boy or a girl? Damn it, who cares" and *_*

Fandom collections
General Fanart | Avatar | Naruto | Harry Potter | Hitman Reborn
Initially started out with just a fanart collection but then certain fandoms started to take over and I had to move those pieces into their own collections. There are certain pieces that were instant faves for me like Jem, She-RaCalvin & Hobbes, AU!Evil Alladin etc.

Particular styles & subjects
Chibis  | Multi-panel/comics ♥♥ | Groups | Cosplay Photos | Macro/Micro photos
These are probably the misc groups except, in some cases, like the comics and chibis, I love them hardcore because no other kind of art makes me flaily in that unique way XD I often re-visit those collections for a laugh and some random squee ^_^

Fashion | Objects & Food | Wallpapers | Themes | Designs & Patterns | General Resources
These are both for ideas for commish pieces and customizing my computer, photoshop etc. The Designs & Patterns collection is unique 'cause it focuses on art with really unusual coloring techniques.

So those are my collections! Have no idea if anyone's actually interested in any of this, but have been wanting to ramble on about it for a while :)
I think I'm going to be spending the weekend looking at these instead of doing housework.
I'm a sucker for pretty art and its always surprising how much time can go by just looking at pictures online hahaha
I love when you do posts like this. ^____^ You're the person who inspired me to make a DA account to bookmark GW pics that I like. Sometimes when I feel a little down, I go to my gallery and stare at the pretty art. Thanks for getting me to do that. ♥