Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Skating and art stuff...

[001] Not too crazy about Lady Gaga (okay, not at ALL) but this ice skating routine on youtube performed by Johnny Weir had me all O_O He'll be competing at the olympics here in Vancouver :D There are certain parts in the video that had me all :F

[002] Came across stunning fanart!icons of the korean pop group 2PM and was sorely disappointed to find the artist's site was closed. apendice was nice enough to send the folder of pics she'd used and I'm all flaily from the pretty! I wish I knew how to find more art of k-pop groups *fans self* If anyone if interested in the pics, feel free to PM me XD

[003] Added the artist Nashya to my Deviant!watch recently and she pimped out her formerly private lj a few days back. Couldn't help going \o/ when I went through it 'cause she also posted tutorials here and here and really lovely art too - both her cell shaded work and her painted style are so pretty! Not to mention, her online comic is one of the most beautiful ones I've seen online.

She has more tutorials on coloring on DA too: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

[004] Speaking of online comics, another one was pimped out today called Spring Snow and I can't stop staring at the characters - the faces, the clothing, it's all just...wow.

[005] Other artist blogs I need to check out: asuka | ben lo | krart | tako | pablo | phoenix lu | tony holmsten

[006] It seems like there's an Adobe CS4 finally out on torrent but wish there was something that wasn't quite so complicated to install >_>

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