Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Fics and big bangs XD

[001] aggybird wrote a hogwarts!fic for help_haiti - I read it as original characters in the HP world - though the characters are actually from Criminal Minds? IDK, but the characterization and the little bit of focussing on Draco and Harry had me flailing from the awesome. THIS WOMAN IS SO DAMN BRILLLIANT, GAH

[002] So many big bang events! There's novel_bigbang which libby_drew pimped out for original slash fic (OMGOMGOMG) and even dracobigbang - then there's the whole list of big bangs most of which I didn't even know about.

Though I'm very psyched by the concept behind trekreversebang where artists go first and then authors write stuff based on the images drawn - love, love, LOVE this idea and wish there were a reverse!bang for other fandoms too.

[003] Happened to read a Harry/Draco comment!fic that snegurochka_lee pointed out and Draco ♥ I want to get back into H/D fanfics again but there's so much stuff! - just over a year's worth of ficcage to go through, all the way back to the big bang of 2008 and hd_holidays entries from 2008 and 2009

[004] Have been reading GW fanfics, particularly maldoror_gw's Whispers arc (scroll down) - I was reading her original slash fic, Outlands and then went through her older stuff :) Then I ended up at ciceqi's site and reading old FMA and Saiyuki fics *facepalms* Multi-fandom authors are going to be the death of me D:

[005] Can't help wondering if there are slash fics or fics with male protagonists that are sort of akin to the Anita Blake idea - got sick of that series after the first books but I've always wished there was something slashy loosely like it, preferably original fic.

[006] Edit: smutty fic rec for the Percy Jackson series - it focusses on Apollo/Percy fic and yowza! Though for the life of me I can't figure out how I found it *facepalms*

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