* twiddles fingers


Ever so slowly gearing up for a reboot (finally):
  • getting rid of the sidebar entirely and actually going very minimalist
  • still want the entries to start right at the top so any title/navigation would be on the left and right instead
  • It'll fit in 1024px layouts but will be optimized for 1200+px wide screens
  • changed in a bit from the mockups last year but its still got a ways to go

These are very rough (no proper measurements, textures, didn't check colors on other screens or anything) but wanted to figure out which one to go with (if any) -I'm a sucker for apple green so it's hard to pick a mellow but cheery color that I'd be willing to look at in the long term >_> Anyway:

Colour combos... (click links to see images)

Something else (will comment)
I love the combination of blue and brown. Always have and always will. ^_~
The color combo is one I've wanted to do for a layout for a while - minty fresh and yet so mellow and <3
For ages now I've been stuck on green for my personal layouts - my brain sees the color and goes to a happy place, so I always keep going back ^^
They're all lovely. I have no idea how much more work remains (I've never made a layout from scratch) but I would like to vote for, "All of the above!" so that each can choose her favorite.
The entry format and the extra grey buttons on the right would need me to create a user layer so if shared then it would most likely only be for paid/perm accounts. Though this would be one of the few personal layouts I would post on noveltybox since as long as I switch out the image and name on the left for a generic one, people would be able to use it :D

I might stick to green for personal use and share the mint blue green and brown for others to use :D
I could use green forever and ever and ever XD The only reason I'm switching out this layout is 'caue I want to get rid of the bulky top navigation mellow out the colors just a tad haha
I like the green on blue. Does that mean I'm colour blind? :P
Actually I adore using green/blue and either orange or pink for link and emphasis colors in entries :D
I've had this layout for soooo long, omg, its crazy. It's kinda like an old comfy shoe - I know I need something new but...