* twiddles fingers


Ever so slowly gearing up for a reboot (finally):
  • getting rid of the sidebar entirely and actually going very minimalist
  • still want the entries to start right at the top so any title/navigation would be on the left and right instead
  • It'll fit in 1024px layouts but will be optimized for 1200+px wide screens
  • changed in a bit from the mockups last year but its still got a ways to go

These are very rough (no proper measurements, textures, didn't check colors on other screens or anything) but wanted to figure out which one to go with (if any) -I'm a sucker for apple green so it's hard to pick a mellow but cheery color that I'd be willing to look at in the long term >_> Anyway:

Colour combos... (click links to see images)

Something else (will comment)
- (Anonymous)
I've had this layout for soooo long, omg, its crazy. It's kinda like an old comfy shoe - I know I need something new but...