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Art fests and laptop!reading...

[001] Previously, whenever I wanted to track tags or posts, it would mean I would end up with notifications in my LJ inbox whether I wanted it or not (sometimes I just want an email message). I just discovered today that its been changed: it's now possible to bypass getting those inbox messages entirely \o/ 

So if you're like me and track fic tags, you can uncheck the inbox checkboxes for them on the notifications page and have notifications sent to your email instead (just tick the email box)

It's such a relief to know that my inbox will no longer by spammed with long fic!posts :D

[002] On a different note, I was wondering if there are any art fests for fandoms - not exchange type fests but just ones where people could maybe participate anonymously and submit art and stuff for either a single or multiple fandoms.

[003] I have read 338 comic strips out of 3695 for Calvin & Hobbes - I'm hoping to slowly but surely read 'em all :)

[004] There is also a torrent for the Sinfest comic over here though it's only from 2000 to 2005 -so it doesn't compile the last 4 yrs of comics from the online archive.

[005] libby_drew is getting a story published via Dreamspinner Press and I was wondering if anyone has books they can rec from there, particularly ebooks :)

[006] Edit: The only thing more awesome than Tim Drake without his mask and talking to Superboy is the image of Deadpool in a maid's outfit talking to Spider-man (HERE) - only in comics is the crack this good XD XD
I didn't realise there were that many Calvin and Hobbes comics! I have a lot of catching up to do :P

Tim :D When I was reading that issue, it felt like Tim was finally getting some happiness, yay! Plus Kon is back and visiting him in Gotham, all is good :) (Until the next issues, that is...)

...Context really is for the weak. Villains wouldn't know what hit them! XD
C&H was never a regular thing for me so I'm making up for it now and catching up XD

And always been a Marvel!girl but the Tim!art has me all :F and I actually want to pick up Red Robin and see the Young Justice Leagure too!

Hahahha yes <3
Good choice! :)

Tim is the prettiest~ (except for Dick XD, runs in the family) Did you read Adventure Comics issue three? Has some prettish art of Tim as well. Though Kon saying he needed his hair cut made me flail in horror. Young Justice is adorable and fun! And if you like that you might like Impulse (Bart Allen).