Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Tumblr and books...

[001] Doing the meme What was the #1 hit on the day you were born? lead me to the song Happy to Be Stuck with You - I'm just glad I wasn't born a decade or so later and got the Macarena >_>

[002] Can't wait for season 2 of Ookiku Furikabutte \o/ Now if only Skip Beat, Beck and Wallflower would get second seasons for their animes, I'd be ducky :D

[003] Tumblr blogs I check on every now and then:[004] It's always cool to find random journals with awesome layouts - in this case, its edah's whose mixit layout is based ont he grid system and I initially mistook it for a stand along blog haha XD

[005] I have several ebooks to read, though I'm particularly torn between Jasper Fforde's new novel Shades of Grey (LT // GR) and Jim Butcher's Spider-man: The Darkest Hours (LT // GR).

Was wondering if anyone had tried reading any of these books though: Academy 7 by Anne Osterlund // The Shifter (The Healing Wars, #1) by Janice Hardy // Eyes Like Stars (The Théâtre Illuminata: Act 1) by Lisa Mantchev

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