* begging

My feet are blocks of ice ;_;

Since I can't raise the temperature in the house, I was wondering whether anyone had recs for foot warmers (the electronic kind) or foot booties/super thick socks. I'm not sure where to buy them in Vancouver or online for Canada shipping - just want the feeling to stay in my feet during the night D:
If you don't have a hot water bottle, fill a plastic bottled water bottle (like Poland Springs or Evian or whatever) with WARM water and wrap it in a towel. Once my feet are warm, the rest of me does much better.

signed, Perpetually Cold Feet.
Update: It looks like Etsy has a pair for $35 USD and they ship from Newfoundland.
I got these AMAZING double layered fluff socks from Bath & Body Works in a gift basket - I have never seen any quite like it before. Perhaps check there?