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Mah FMA Poster!

So I had a week!assignment to make a movie poster - complete with credits and logos and everything. Didn't have much time, so I did this in the past 5 hrs - though the text itself took an hour >_> And it was hell trying to find good quality pictures D:

But I'm happy with how it turned out - thank god for DevART and free cloud!brushes! Anyway, thoughts and critique are welcome :3

Click for larger view:

*hugs* thankyou :) Had a bunch of images and it wasn't till halfway through that they came together XD
It can be a poster for the next FMA movie. The brushes lent a really lovely touch to it.

When are you handing this in? :)
Already submitted it :D Was supposed to research old posters in the genre and either do something similar or something completely different - have always liked the style of fantasy and anime posters so FMA was an easy subject to choose ^_^
Oh! I hope you got good marks for that! Or I'll hunt down your teacher with a pointy object.
I know nothing about FMA (which is really a shame because more than one person on my f-list, including you, has mentioned it more than once) but this poster makes me wish that I did. The brushes you used are a nice touch and I like the contrast between the images of the characters and the background. It's enough to make them stand out and still work well together.
If you hadn't said that you made that, I'd have thought it was an official poster. That's the highest compliment I can give. ^_^ Even if I didn't know FMA, I'd be able to guess from the picture that the guy in red is the main character, and that the suit of armor is very important. You balanced them out well. I like how Ed and Al are facing the same way, too.