* book - reading


[001] rykaine posted my help_haiti ficlet which features a werewolf who happens to be a vegetarian, as well as baby rabbits and a selkie - it made me all \o/ and is located over here <3

[002] Thanks to libby_drew's author rec, I'll be reading The Seventh Veil and if that clicks, will end up reading the ebook, Hero by the same author.

[003] Am marathoning Charmed Season 3 in the background and have all of a sudden become a Prue/Cole shipper. It's weird but they have a certain chemistry, especially being stubborn and set in their ways so seeing them together makes me all :D I never paid attention the first time round so its kind of a shocker now.

[004] Finished Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde and while the world building was interesting, I didn't fall in love with the characters as I did with the Thursday Next series. Not to mention, every little bit of info results in more questions in my head than they answer and I think that'll be the case for the next books too.

[005] Still have to read First Lord's Fury (Book 6 in the Codex Alera series) even though I've had it in Hardcover since December *facepalm* Might actually end up reading Spider-man: The Darkest Hours first....

[006] Ok, wanted to ask for a while: what are y'all reading at the moment?It doesn't have to be just the great reads - even stuff that makes you roll your eyes XD Manga, comics, novels...am all ears :D
I, happen to be reading (apart from the whole Sherlock Holmes thing) Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko. It's- actually surprisingly good. Urban Fantasy but more high fantasy world setup than that YA stuff that's usually being published.
I just finished catching up on Madame Xanadu, which has 19 issues out at the moment and it was a lovely series. Fantasy set through out the ages, it gets more interesting and I can't wait for the next issue.
Never heard of the series so will give it a try soon :) Hopefully I can find all the issues >_>
Neither had I, but the covers were pretty so I tried the first issue and was interested enough to read the rest. A certain comm has most issues, I just googled the rest.
Found them that way too - though #7 and a few of the ones are 10 are still missing so will google it <3
Every week I read Bleach and I'm trying to find time to read Wicked but I keep getting distracted. I think I've forgotten how to read a book just for the sake of reading and not for a class.
I don't think I've done heavy reading since my high school years, instead transitioning into computer!reading of online fics, and manga, so I've lost the habit of opening a book whenever there's a lull D:

Watched the musical for Wicked and wanted to try a different story by the author - not sure if there are any that have ever been as good though.

It's been so long since I last read Bleach and most peeps on the flist are into it nowadays ;_;
- (Anonymous)
Hetalia is so cracky and fun - though also painful at times when it comes to characterization and butchering of history >_> But the bishies make it so hard to care beyond the shiny XD

Loved Firefly for River and Kaylee and will always remember "No power in the 'verse can stop me" MWHAHAHA

Never did read LotR - my bff did and she relayed it in detail and that was enough XD
I found Hero worth the read for its interesting premise but not stunning in characterization or writing quality. I'll be interested to see what you think of it if you do decide to take a look.
Let's see how it goes :) Skipped to the end of the Seventh Veil after a few chapters and wasn't very enthused in general so *shrugs* It's so hard to find books that click ):