* book - reading


[001] rykaine posted my help_haiti ficlet which features a werewolf who happens to be a vegetarian, as well as baby rabbits and a selkie - it made me all \o/ and is located over here <3

[002] Thanks to libby_drew's author rec, I'll be reading The Seventh Veil and if that clicks, will end up reading the ebook, Hero by the same author.

[003] Am marathoning Charmed Season 3 in the background and have all of a sudden become a Prue/Cole shipper. It's weird but they have a certain chemistry, especially being stubborn and set in their ways so seeing them together makes me all :D I never paid attention the first time round so its kind of a shocker now.

[004] Finished Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde and while the world building was interesting, I didn't fall in love with the characters as I did with the Thursday Next series. Not to mention, every little bit of info results in more questions in my head than they answer and I think that'll be the case for the next books too.

[005] Still have to read First Lord's Fury (Book 6 in the Codex Alera series) even though I've had it in Hardcover since December *facepalm* Might actually end up reading Spider-man: The Darkest Hours first....

[006] Ok, wanted to ask for a while: what are y'all reading at the moment?It doesn't have to be just the great reads - even stuff that makes you roll your eyes XD Manga, comics, novels...am all ears :D
I just finished catching up on Madame Xanadu, which has 19 issues out at the moment and it was a lovely series. Fantasy set through out the ages, it gets more interesting and I can't wait for the next issue.
Never heard of the series so will give it a try soon :) Hopefully I can find all the issues >_>
Neither had I, but the covers were pretty so I tried the first issue and was interested enough to read the rest. A certain comm has most issues, I just googled the rest.
Found them that way too - though #7 and a few of the ones are 10 are still missing so will google it <3