Goss (gossymer) wrote,

DevArt = endless entertainment

[001] The hilarious thing about this photo apart from the shiny perspective, is that my mind completely ignores the naked female and instead pictures two guys in suits, one with his back to the glass, looking up at the other with a smile on his face :D And then 10 minutes later they're shagging against the glass *facepalm* Where is original slash office!fic when you need it?

[002] Finally went through the skins section for VideoLAN and settled on subX, Askin and WMP_11_B - the last time I tried switching from the classic interface the program crashed completely but so far the new skins look pretty good :)

[003] Watched the Percy Jackson movie and the lead actor just...can't act. Which is standard of most teen!series movies these days. Wish Skandar Keynes was acting in more films >_> And I loved his acting long before I started gazing at his legs and his smile. NGL though, the photo of Caspian & Edmund in the new film has me grinning like a loon.

[004] THIS IMAGE IS LOVE - who needs a boyfriend when you have glorious cake?

[005] On the topic of food, I want to try making an okonomiyaki! Will go grocery shopping tom evening so let's see if I can figure out what I want in it :)

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