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books to read...

My list of books to read, which will probably change as I work my way through the titles.

This is pretty much for personal reference but figured they might be of interest :D

Books to Read

Pick Up Again...

Series to try out: Some of these series are pure sci-fi/fantasy and I worry that they'll be too dry for my taste, but will try 'em out anyway unless someone here can give me a good idea of what to expect...
The Thomas Covenant series? Oh good luck with that one~ it's a difficult read. Well- it was for me 5 years ago anyway. It's not difficult in terms of sheer size like the Wheel of Time series is, just never drew me in that much. It's too long ago for me to remember why now, but it may have to do with the fact that the main character is seriously bitter. He's a hard guy to like.

And Wheel of Time just requires serious dedication to finishing it.

But good luck with your reading!
The last section of series to try are kinda the fantasy/sci fi classics that get recced so much but I never bothered with since I assumed they'd never click with me - most likely, I'll end up dropping the majority, but do want to read a bit at least XD Will probably keep the Thomas Covenant series for much later hahaha
I am stealing this list and using it for my own books to read. :D

I still have yet to complete the Discworld and Chrestomanci Series. I'm missing three books for the latter and more for the first.

If you've read Diana Wynne Jones's other books, you'll find the usual mix of magic, humour and adventure in the Chrestomanci series. Like all her series, she takes a while to get to the main plot but you'll get plenty of hints throughout. I particularly adore Christopher cause he's such a poncy git.

Have you read Diane Duane's Wizard books? I haven't read all of them so far but they were some of the few book series that didn't actually collapse after the first 1-2 books *looks at Nightrunner books and sighs*. If you haven't read them, they are about two kids who discover that they have magical abilites, but not in the 'Harry Potter Lemme show you my wand' way but rather combining magic with astronomy and science. The second book is the weakest I've read so far (I'm up to book 4 or 5 i think), but it's still alot better than many other series that I've read.

And I have to say I never understood why so many ppl I know love the Dresden Files so much (esp. considering how the women are written - or rather the main char treats them >.>)
I have a feeling Diane Duane will definitely click with me :) I was disappointed after the 3rd or so Nightrunner book so the series is still waiting for me and the Dresden Files...since I watched the TV show, I could never get passed the first chapter of the first book since its the same stuff in general.

However, I adore the Codex Alera series by the author so I wanna give it a fair chance. Though perhaps Codex Alera and Darkest Hours are actually better because Butcher might have worked out the kinks in his writing since those first few books in the Dresden series....
Hee, I hope so. Kickass girls, a gay couple (well... ppl are still debating that, but the two dudes live together with various animals and are the go to guys for the main chars :D), lots of interesting philosophical stuff, science, magic ... what's not to love :DDD!
There are infact 8 of the Wizard's series out now. If you can ignore the timeline inconsistencies, the 7th and 8th ones are worth reading the rest of the series. I'm drooling for the 9th one, but that's slowwwww in coming.
You really need to read the Chrestomanci series. It is one of my FAVOURITE young fantasy series ever. ESPECIALLY since each book stands on its own.

Wheel of Time is good, especially the first 2 or 3 books, but the author left SO many plots open at the end of each book, and it feels by the tie you are at the 6 or 7th book that the books are just filling in the holes left behind in the previous ones. I just finished book 9 a while back and while I liked it, I am not rushing out to read the rest of the series for a while.

Also, thanks for the link to the Discworld reading guide :) I have been waning to start reading that series but haven't know where to start.

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Chrestomanci is a *magic* series. One I loved most as a child. The Wheel of Time series is fairly good the first couple of books but then you could really need the character reference section at the back of the book to keep up.

I'll be using this list as a to read list as well! :)
American Gods is tricky. Its really good, but sometimes it likes to drag its feet, and you'll sit there totally confused. Then it takes out a news paper and smacks you on the head. Because Neil Gaiman's totally built like that.

I started to read Hunger Games, but it really felt like funny to read, like battle royale or something. Not terrible, but you need a touch of morbid curiosity for your reading to be smooth.

Chrestomanci is definitely one of those old magic feeling ones, where there are strange stipulations, so it creates a magic does not equal OMNIPOTENCE feel, which is nice.

:D have fun reading!