Goss (gossymer) wrote,

200+ userpics, done!

[001] Finally filled ALL my 202 userpic slots, WOOT! Atone point I started doubting it would ever happen but yaaaaay!

[002] Found an artist at DevART who does amazing stuff - molybdenumgp03's scene, Dragon in the Park had me just staaaaring at the backdrop of the city and the lights and colors of the park. Then there's Secret Town where all the detail with the little blocks of color just made me go wow.

[003] Wanted to read a particular old set of slash stories off of Shousetsu Bang*Bang, and finally found them. The author, miko_no_da also did two Gundam Wing ficlets here and here - the characterization is awesome and just clicks.

[004] Virus-AC74 posted Fire Mage a while back, which is pretty much a gorgeous AU!Duo Maxwell and has me all <3 The fire at the end of the braid, the unique scythe!staff, just \o/

[005] I think my ratio of egg to water to flour got a bit off, since my okonomiyaki did not stay together so now I have a big bowl of bits - but they taste yummy anyway so who cares XD

Though I admit grated nagaimo (chinese yam) is a sticky white mess that looks a lot like a certain male bodily fluid >_>

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