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Weekend randomness

[001] If you've been swept by Olympics!figure skating fever or are tempted with all the talk of Johnny Weir on the flist, a good intro would probably be these posts here and here by mosca. The first is an introduction to the sport and the fandom and the second includes a bit of commentary on the Olympics so far too. Definitely interesting reads IMO

[002] I thought I'd dropped Smallville for good quite some time ago but thanks to voldything's smallville picspam recaps, with absolutely fantastic one liners, I gave in and tried a few episodes from season nine. Observations are: I don't mind Clark with Lois as much as I did earlier on...and I love, love, LOVE the few scenes we've gotten with Chloe and Oliver <3 They are FABULOUS together :3 In future I'll probably end up waiting for an episode which features more of them together before checking out another ep.

On a side note though, don't know if I've ever shipped a couple where both characters are blond hahaha

[003] I got addicted to FiberOne chocolate and oat granola bars in Jan, and after asking my sis, switched to blanched almonds and chocolate this week. It's a ratio of one almond to two to three chocolate chips (milk or semi-sweet, take your pick) and it's divine (and much cheaper, thank god!). And since its that time of the month, my chocolate craving gets satisfied too.

[004] Totally messed up my linkage in the last post so: MAH USERPICS XD

[005] Thanks to a picpam on possimpible, I'm tempted to give the show Misfits a try sometime - has anyone checked it out yet?

[006] Discovered lira_alicia 's lightning round @ help_haiti super late so wasn't sure if she'd be able to do a chibi!sketch - but not only did she do this awesome pic of Toph and Zuko but she also added coloring:

Click for bigger version:

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