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Weekend randomness

[001] If you've been swept by Olympics!figure skating fever or are tempted with all the talk of Johnny Weir on the flist, a good intro would probably be these posts here and here by mosca. The first is an introduction to the sport and the fandom and the second includes a bit of commentary on the Olympics so far too. Definitely interesting reads IMO

[002] I thought I'd dropped Smallville for good quite some time ago but thanks to voldything's smallville picspam recaps, with absolutely fantastic one liners, I gave in and tried a few episodes from season nine. Observations are: I don't mind Clark with Lois as much as I did earlier on...and I love, love, LOVE the few scenes we've gotten with Chloe and Oliver <3 They are FABULOUS together :3 In future I'll probably end up waiting for an episode which features more of them together before checking out another ep.

On a side note though, don't know if I've ever shipped a couple where both characters are blond hahaha

[003] I got addicted to FiberOne chocolate and oat granola bars in Jan, and after asking my sis, switched to blanched almonds and chocolate this week. It's a ratio of one almond to two to three chocolate chips (milk or semi-sweet, take your pick) and it's divine (and much cheaper, thank god!). And since its that time of the month, my chocolate craving gets satisfied too.

[004] Totally messed up my linkage in the last post so: MAH USERPICS XD

[005] Thanks to a picpam on possimpible, I'm tempted to give the show Misfits a try sometime - has anyone checked it out yet?

[006] Discovered lira_alicia 's lightning round @ help_haiti super late so wasn't sure if she'd be able to do a chibi!sketch - but not only did she do this awesome pic of Toph and Zuko but she also added coloring:

Click for bigger version:

Thats so cute... just a quick q... where are Toph and Zuko from?
Avatar: The Last Airbender :D Toph shows up in season 2 of the show and is awesomesauce ^_^
AWWWWW. WHY SO CUTE? I don't watch Avatar but I ship them. :)

lol. I keep reading about Johnny Weir, watched him skate to Pokerface and now I'm in love. Unfortunately, the sports channel here don't show skating. They kept showing curling. WTF.
I remember watching a curling!j-movie a long time ago but can't remember the name - never watch live sports apart from figure skating and maybe the occasional soccer and cricket match with my family - normally though its just sports anime et all XD
I just finished Misfits! Even though it's got the whole superpower thing going on, it's definitely a different show from, say, Heroes. The morality in the show is very much in the gray but it's definitely engaging. I think the actors were all well-picked and the humor can be truly excellent at times. :D
OMG, completely agree now that I'm done -the way episode 6 eded had me in stitches and had to run to the loo asap XD It's something I could easily see as a runaway hit on HBO or Showtime TBH
I got addicted to FiberOne chocolate and oat granola bars in Jan

Omg, these bars. The first time I tried it I was kind of desperate for something to eat and I downed the entire box in less than 20 min.

I gave up on Smallville a long time ago. I tried to watch it a couple months ago, after not watching it for more than a year, and I had no idea what the heck was going on. It makes me a bit sad actually because I started watching the show from the moment it first premiered and I was very devoted to it.

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THOSE BARS ARE SO DAMN ADDICTIVE OH LORD - I got 4 boxes during midterm week once and they were all gone in 5 frickin' days, it was insane (and killer on my budget)

Same here, some shows like Charmed andSmallville had me so faithful during highschool... and then they all went to hell. I usually skip to my favorite characters (Chloe/Paige/Prue) which makes for easier watching and it's never really serious watching XD