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OMG, weekend's gone ;_;

[001] Came into the Avatar: The Last Air Bender fandom pretty late so missed most of the commentary and reviews while the show was airing. I wish I could find posts/picspams now though (particularly of season 2), 'cause reviews like this one make me all flaily and I just want to read more :)

[002] The Big Picture News: Stories in Photographs are fabulous picspams, and I especially liked the ones on work and the olympics.

[003] Watched Misfits (til episode 6?) and while it was definitely not rated PG-13, there were moments I just couldn't stop laughing :D It's so different and weird and also real in a way. Definitely a bit of a culture!shock at times but also so much more interesting than your regular episode of Heroes (which, while having much better special effects, kinda fails in regards to story lines)

[004] I impulse!bid on darchildre's fingerless gloves during help_haiti and she finished them recently - the gloves look so cool!

[005] Been stumbling across a lot of rave reiews for The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms but am a bit leery of it being somewhat convoluted - anyone here tried it out yet?

[006] Don't usually track when a friend uploads a new userpic, except in a few cases, particularly bzzinglikeneon, dharmavati, likecharity and shabzilla (though there be others XD) Their icons are shiny (to the point of distraction LOL)

[007] Another bit of randomness: a blog post by an author focusing on the history of the sci-fi genre

[008] Did a speed!marathon of Charmed from season 3 to the finale and then started back on Season 1 and 2. God, the difference between the lackluster final seasons and the first episodes is insane - while the special effects might have sucked early on, at least the characters and story lines were interesting.

Can't help wishing there were an AU fic that focused on Prue, Piper and Paige with Phoebe dying at the end of Season 3 instead.

[009] On the Spring 2010 anime line-up:
[010] Note to self - stuff to check out at some point this week:
*makes face* How come I didn't notice there's an xxxHOLiC OVA out for spring? I must have missed it during my 'lolanime!Ironman'.
Iron Man is going to be sucky or blah but I keep hoping for awesomeness from Marvel - though maybe IM needs Robert Downey Junior to be squee!worthy ^^
If they get RDJ to voice the anime, I would roll around on the floor in glee. There's always the second movie to be out this May. *___*

Why do I not still have an Ironman icon?
RDJ would have me falling out of my chair from the awesomeness XD XD Cannot wait for the second movie \o/

Need a comic!ironman icon come to think off it...
Heee, Community is awesome. The first few episodes were a bit spotty imho, but Community has someone who is almost awesome as Sheldon (at points even more awesome): Abed! (and his best friend Troy whose bromance isn't even subtext-y at points :D).

Man, I wish more ppl were checking out Community :D!

Also: omg ... that daniel fic sounds awesome!
Ooooh, will keep that in mind, thanks! Normally I just download the first two or three eps, but will try a few more - and Abed sounds awesome :D

I think after so many years I may finally end up getting sucking into SG-1 fic, esp with so MANY fandom recs out there :3
I love how you're all, "I don't normally do this, but I have this whole list of instances where I do." XD

Thanks, I'm glad you think I have good taste, although I'm a little embarrassed now, because you're surely also aware of how I sometimes upload an icon and then delete it and upload a new version and then delete that and upload another new version. I'm so picky. :P
HAHAHA IKR - I just started it up a month or two back so its relatively new XD

And that's totally normal (i.e. do exactly that myself too lol) and your userpics have awesome expressions )
Thank you for thinking I have shiny icons! I pity your inbox though if you're tranking my icons. I'm very bad at impulsively delete/reuploading icons! :P

I agree with your thoughts on Misfits and hope you like Community! It's a fun show. :)
It happens to all of us so it's not an issue XD I just love the multi-fandom awesomeness of your selection - from bollywood to anime to dramas to disney to avatar \o/

I'll marathon all the eps so far of Community so I get the full experience :3

I didn't know that there are DtB and xxxHOLIC OVAs in the line-up! I was just focused on the Oofuri S2 hahaha (and Kuroshitsuji S2, and that weird Geass thing, but they're not technically for spring?)

And of course, I'm definitely watching the eyecandy series, though I heard Uragiri is quite good (I've only read the first chapter haaa~)