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...if I were to ever read femme!slash fics, these are the women who'd probably feature in it.


Faith - wiki - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Lee Ji Ah - moar pics | dramawiki

Rose McGowan - wiki

Anna Popplewell: wiki (I blame likecharity's picspams)

Lee Hyo Ri: wiki

Erica Strange: wiki - Being Erica

Michiko Malandro - wikiMichiko to Hatchin

Mila Kunis - wiki

Rani Mukerji - wiki

Seven of Nine - wiki - Star Trek: Voyager
Oh dear gods in heaven, the second woman is gorgeous. *_* Also Anna's freckles make me happy. ^_^
Started truly fangirling her in the drama Style and can't wait to see her in more stuff :F ANNA'S FRECKLES ARE JFDSFJSDGHJKS <3
I'll have to look for stuff with her. Because, just, wow.

Ahaha, I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves freckles! XD
I totaly approve of Lee Hyo Ri. I would totaly do her as well *G* She is so awsome and funny that everytime I see her on Family Outing she is my favoite part of the show. I'm really gonna miss her now that the second season started :(
I only saw one drama of hers ages back but wasn't instantly all "whoa!" - must check out Family Outing now :D
They're mostly brunettes! (I like.)

Unfortunately Beethoven Virus ruined Lee Jia for me, but the love for Anna is well and alive. :P
Beethoven Virus didn't do much for her but Style was awesome so \o/ Noticed the trend of brunettes too, lol XD
I surprised that you are not wicked into Christina Hendricks!

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