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I readily admit it: the first Gundam series I watched fully was Gundam Seed. Didn't like the sequel series (Destiny) but I loved Seed. It started out super slow but after the first dozen eps I was all *_* I even liked several of the female characters XD

The funny thing is that I had been reading Gundam Wing fanfics long before then, even though I'd only watched an episode or two of the anime at the time. While I've seen a lot more episodes since then (and am very much a Duo fangirl) fanfiction tends to color my viewing of canon - which is just so weird. In a way the fanon representations of the characters are what stuck so the original episodes had me all o_O and !!! a lot of the time. Still, Duo is consistently awesome in both :D

Anyway, the point of all the rambling is that while I find Gundam 00 overrated (as much as I loved Lockon and Tieria in season 1) and still haven't finished it (despite the eyecandy) I do want to try the earlier Gundam series, particularly Turn a Gundam and those in the Universal Century timeline. The problem is, I'm not sure about the order.

The release dates do not match the chronology/timeline for UC and I'm especially worried about spoiling myself for the earlier ones (the original Mobile Suit Gundam, 0080,the 08th MS Team and 0083) if I watch Zeta Gundam, which is widely regarded as the best in the lot.

On the other hand, I hate the melodramatic everbody-dies endings so I'm worried about the ones that take place during the One Year War. I loathe falling for characters only to have them die on me (e.g. Gundam 00 and Macross Frontier >_>)

So, would appreciate any thoughts :)

Edit: Oh yeah, and if anyone has any recs for either Real Robot or Super Robot anime, am all ears :D Kinda miss my ol' mecha anime at the moment...
8th MS team is my all time favorite Gundam even beating out Wing. I have to say 00 is my currently love but then again I've only fully watched like 6 different Gundam series and I didnt like any of the Seed ones because they reminded me too much of the original Gundam series.

As for the timeline for UC if you wiki Universal Century the chronology link has the timeline of the order the things happen in the show not the order they were released.