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Robots are cool

I readily admit it: the first Gundam series I watched fully was Gundam Seed. Didn't like the sequel series (Destiny) but I loved Seed. It started out super slow but after the first dozen eps I was all *_* I even liked several of the female characters XD

The funny thing is that I had been reading Gundam Wing fanfics long before then, even though I'd only watched an episode or two of the anime at the time. While I've seen a lot more episodes since then (and am very much a Duo fangirl) fanfiction tends to color my viewing of canon - which is just so weird. In a way the fanon representations of the characters are what stuck so the original episodes had me all o_O and !!! a lot of the time. Still, Duo is consistently awesome in both :D

Anyway, the point of all the rambling is that while I find Gundam 00 overrated (as much as I loved Lockon and Tieria in season 1) and still haven't finished it (despite the eyecandy) I do want to try the earlier Gundam series, particularly Turn a Gundam and those in the Universal Century timeline. The problem is, I'm not sure about the order.

The release dates do not match the chronology/timeline for UC and I'm especially worried about spoiling myself for the earlier ones (the original Mobile Suit Gundam, 0080,the 08th MS Team and 0083) if I watch Zeta Gundam, which is widely regarded as the best in the lot.

On the other hand, I hate the melodramatic everbody-dies endings so I'm worried about the ones that take place during the One Year War. I loathe falling for characters only to have them die on me (e.g. Gundam 00 and Macross Frontier >_>)

So, would appreciate any thoughts :)

Edit: Oh yeah, and if anyone has any recs for either Real Robot or Super Robot anime, am all ears :D Kinda miss my ol' mecha anime at the moment...
I'm so stalking this post just to see the replies of people XDDD Since I also want to watch the older/classic Gundam titles ♥

And hey, Gundam 00's second season is a lot better than the first, I think XD