* yay!

OMG, weekend yaaaaaay

[001] For seriously hot and amazing art, city_of_gods is just stunning *fans self*

[002] I'm not much of a gamer (ok, at ALL) but once in 6 to 12 months I'll have this urge to play something pretty. Last year it was Aion (the chinese client with the english patch) and since then I've thought about it every few months. Alas, the english patch no longer works and there's no way in HELL I can afford the $50 initial cost and then $15 monthly fee (I mean, I play once every few months!) for the North American version.

Was hoping to get a trial code at least, but don't know anyone who actually plays the game D: A long term solution might be a private server like InfiniteAion which I might try out if all other avenues come up short.

[003] Have finally got around to working on my layout reboot and it's going to be on the minimalism style if all goes well - yes, switching from expressive/mixit this year! So far I've just got a bit done (pretty much bare bones) - recent entries view & friends view - and still am editing my theme layer.

Have a more specific idea of what content I want to see on each view and how I want it displayed for easy reading so s2minimalism was my first stop. Should note there aren't even a hundred posts yet on the community (minimalism is so new!)

Barely begun working on the CSS. I'm probably going to add all my icons/mini userpic stuff first, then clean/strip/edit down the css and lastly add in the big images and the actual graphic!shiny. Probably won't have time to finish it till end of March...

Oh and I've changed up my mockup a bit too. Entries go down the center as always, userpic and name (as a graphic) will be on the left, navigation on the right, and my sidebar (calendar, updated links list and chibi!me) will go down across the bottom. Have it all on my sketchbook but haven't done it on Photoshop yet - in any case, will leave that for last, after I'd done with coding :3

[004] I am all *_* by this post of stuff for sale by lm. I have no idea what any of it would smell like but it sounds devine.

[005] The flock on posts of fandom awesomeness always depresses me. Stumbling onto an flocked lj which is fandom oriented tends to make me completely D: D: since I'll never know what kind of posts lurk behind the lock (and I'll always wonder...) I understand locking RL posts but fandom!locks make me all ;_; (I know there are valid reasons for it but...) And then there are those posts by friends that make me all \o/ but are locked so I can't pimp :(

[006] One would think being in Vancouver during the Olympics would be amazing but RL is so crazy that I've watched all of 5 minutes of it on TV. It doesn't help that I don't actually have my own TV yet >_> Everytime I think of going to the basement and checking out the big rec room one, I'm reminded of stuff that needs to be done first :( But olympics!mania has definitely swept away the flist hahaha
4 Now I want to buy nice smelling stuff! Probably a good thing that it is too late to go out.

5 I used to have everything unlocked but then I got paranoid and now everything except fic is under lock and key. I did this all manually and then naturally LJ unrolled a mass locking system one month later :P And now it is so automatic to lock everything to friends that is difficult to not lock. I shall try! for fandom things at least. I know the angst though, of fics suddenly locked and now forever gone. Worse in some ways, because you know what is missing.
I knoooow, have to smell before buying since I'm so darn picky - the cold weather and lack of a car makes it easier to say no though haha

Isn't that just LJ for ya - wonder if they'll ever get a good search engine for community entries and stuff in the future >_>

I usually convince myself to default not!lock unless its personal business or is something that shouldn't be public for various reasons XD

And locked!fics or pulled down ones can be so painful - there are two authors who have pulled their fics; I think of them periodically and wish, just WISH I could get my hands on the fics again..
The website for the Olympics is pretty great. I don't know if you're in Canada or the 'states (can't remember X_x) but we've got ctv.ca that works up here, and I'm sure there's got to be something similar for the 'states if that's where you are. You can basically watch anything, and they've got live streaming, and they have little yellow bars that tell you where the exciting stuff is so you can skip through...it's pretty great.
Just moved to a basement!room today which has a TV (\o/) and just in time for the closing ceremony lol - don't mind too much though since had so much stuff to do anyway ^^
HAI I PLAY NA-AION. And I've still got invites to give out, do you want one?
OMG, YES WOULD LOVE ONE <3 <3 I can play it over the coming weekend in that case *_* My email is my username at gmail.com :D